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In the transition from office to home working, you may have lost your all-important IT support coverage, or your new situation doesn’t quite suit the terms of your old one. Luckily, Remote IT Support is here to pick up the weight. If you’ve been thinking about Remote IT Support, have a look at the benefits of investing in some support in these uncertain times and see if it would be suitable for your new situation.

Why Invest in Remote IT Support?

1. Bosses need staff to be productive and not scratching their head, if their IT systems don’t work

Since the lockdown, we’ve had to adapt quickly to the way we manage teams. People have been coming up with all kinds of new ways to make sure everyone’s on top of their work while isolating – from morning huddles by video to utilising all kind of shared planning or task management apps.

If you’re in this situation, the last thing you want is get to the end of the day and find out that for the past few hours, one of your staff has been grappling with a technological issue. You want your staff to have that assurance that they can get in contact with experts and resolve technology issues. Remote IT Support can ensure you have the tools and resource to take proactive actions in ensuring your systems are running smoothly.

2. Crucial to be able to meet people, uphold social interaction and collaboration.

The other issue that our previous point raises, is the absolute necessity of being able to remain in contact. Remote working means one fundamental thing: If you can’t collaborate, you often can’t work.

There are better ways of staying in contact than email, such as teleconferencing and instant chat. These will become essential tools when working from home, but just like all others these technologies can encounter issues. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your communication and collaboration technologies are supported – otherwise employees are going to feel more isolated than ever.

3. WFH only works if your set up right, but this may not be your area of expertise

One of the things Remote IT Support can help with is the issue of users working with different setups and hardware than their used to – making it difficult for them to carry on as normal. Some people may just have a consumer level laptop, whereas others may have high-end workstations. One challenge with working from home is that you can’t guarantee that everyone has the same tools as they would in the office, and slow kit where people can’t access all the tools and software they need is going to stop them doing their jobs.

At TechQuarters we can recommend solutions – such as Windows Virtual Desktop Solution which sets up users with a desktop they can login to from their own laptop like they would log into their work PC. This means they don’t have to host large programmes like Photoshop on their own devices. This type of service is incredibly quick and easy to deploy and support, ensuring everyone is on an even keel. Our remote IT support service is not just there to support you, but comes with Account Managers to make recommendations to ensure your setup is actually suitable to work from home too.

Check out some more reasons as to why remote IT support is so important at the video below:

Is it Relevant to your Organisation?

You used to work in a shared workspace with in-house IT Support, now you’re without support.

This is a big one. A lot of smaller businesses may have benefited from being in offices that had in-house IT experts. The benefit of IT Support is that it feels less like a useless overhead when you go long periods without using it, because everything’s being maintained nicely behind the scenes. Conversely, when you do need technological support, you are benefiting from having someone right there to help.

If this was your previous arrangement, and you have since gotten rid of your physical workspace, you may be in urgent need of support. You may be in that period we mentioned before, where everything is working nicely…right now. What is your plan if something goes wrong? It may be time to weigh up whether the risks of losing data or not being able to work, is worth waiting till something happens…

You’re uncertain about the kind of commitment you need to make?

Many organisations will definitely need that assurance of IT Support during this time. However, following on from the previous point, you might know you need support but are unsure about the length of commitment you need to make. With the uncertainty as to how long you will need to operate remotely, you wouldn’t want to pay for twelve months of support if you’re only working remotely for six. Luckily our offer a flexible service that can be adapted if you decide to return to working in an office again, especially as we have locations all over London – so hopefully we have one relatively close to you!

You’re thinking of moving to remote working permanently

Here at TechQuarters, we’ve already decided to convert fully to remote working. No doubt a lot of organisations will come out of the other side of the COVID-19 lock down thinking that they won’t go back to a physical workspace either. However, this decision also requires a serious level of assessment. First and foremost, an in-depth technology audit will have to be carried out to see whether your organisation currently has the tools it needs to go remote in the long term. While the long term savings of digitally transforming are well known, the potential short term costs might be a risk in the current climate. Our remote IT support service comes with a full technology audit, so we’ll ensure if you do decide to go fully remote – you’re set up to succeed!

If you think any of the situations in this blog reflect how you’re feeling about your organisation working from home, or any of the steps you’re going to be taking in terms of office space in the future – get in touch at the details below and we’ll see what we can do to help!

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