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Quarterly Business Reviews with IT Partners

Quarterly Business Reviews

In this video, our CEO and Founder, Chris, talks about what you should be getting from your Quarterly Business Reviews from your IT Partner. There are 3 main areas your Account Manager should  be covering, so watch the video or read the transcript below to make sure your current partner is meeting all these needs. If you’re interested in our IT Support packages, visit our outsourced support page here.

Quarterly Business Reviews with IT Partners

Transcript of Quarterly Business Review Video:

What should you expect from Quarterly Business Reviews with your IT support partner?

Well first of all these should be scheduled well in advance, and they should happen every quarter, and take no longer than an hour and a half. There should be 4 points on the agenda, so your Account Manager that visits you should be a technical Account Manager and they should talk you through all the latest happenings in the support service.

So the first thing is they should present support stats to you. This might be accompanied by the Support Manager, so somebody from the technical team. They talk you through all of your top users, how they’re logging calls, how quick the fix times are, and how they’re performing against the service levels – so you get a feel for how that support service is running.

The second thing, and this is most important, is the Account Manager will give you the right type of technology recommendations. Now this might follow on from a secure score audit, as an example, and that tells you in a graph how you’re performing from a security perspective, how many attacks you’ve had and how you’re protected. Now if you need to boost your security level there are applications that the technology partner should be recommending to you. Those get implemented within the next few days and then you’ll start to see the benefits straight away.

The third part is ‘are there any ongoing projects and how are they being performed?’. And then the final part of Quarterly Business Reviews is really a word from your good self to say, ‘What’s happening? Are you happy? Are there any service issues that you want to be followed up?’ and then just a follow up on any previous actions.

So it’s a ram packed agenda for about an hour and a half but actually you will get a great benefit from it and it will help you understand what’s the type of service you’re getting for your money every month.

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