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Are you using Microsoft Azure in your IT infrastructure, or even just considering it? Do you want to make sure your Azure usage is being optimised for productivity and cost-savings?

At TechQuarters, we’ve perfected optimizing Azure. Our support technicians and qualified engineers know how to ensure you’re at your best productivity levels and saving costs wherever possible too. We have the know-how to make your Azure infrastructure work at its optimal best.

Hosting capabilities of Microsoft Azure include:

  • Archive hosting
  • Server hosting
  • Application hosting
  • User Credential storage
  • Web hosting


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Cloud Hosting has become one of the standard approaches to IT infrastructure for businesses in 2021. Most businesses nowadays will use a form of Cloud Hosting, even if it wasn’t deliberate – online apps, user credential security, and file storage are all common Cloud Hosting solutions.

TechQuarters are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, which means that we are advocates of Microsoft Azure for Cloud Hosting. Microsoft Azure can host applications, data archives, servers, and virtual machines – basically your entire IT infrastructure can be ran in Azure’s data centres. If you are thinking of using Microsoft Azure for your hosting, or even if you are already using it, one question you may be asking yourself is whether your billing matches your usage. Many of the principles of traditional server hosting do not translate over to cloud hosting.

TechQuarters offer Optimization services to customers with Azure Hosting. We will look at your subscription, explore your usage, and assess whether you are overpaying. We can then help you make the changes, ensuring that you’re only paying for the storage and computing that you are actively utilising, so that your future billing is leaner.

Why choose TechQuarters for Azure Optimization?

TechQuarters have been setting up and monitoring Azure Cloud Hosting for our customers for the last decade now. Our Cloud Architects are accredited experts in Microsoft Azure Services, and know a lot of different techniques for optimising your Azure usage.

For example, we can engineer your Azure environment to recognise your business’ opening times, and only run at full capacity during those hours, whilst powering down to minimum functioning capacity outside those hours, thus saving you money. Additionally, there auto-scaling functions in Azure that can automatically reduce the amount of storage and computational power being utilized.

If you want to know more about this, and all the other ways in which we can optimize you Azure environment, feel free to contact us.