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IT Change Management

Are you concerned about making changes to your IT Infrastructure? Are you thinking of migrating to Microsoft 365, or another Microsoft product or service? Are you worried about whether your staff will adopt the new software at an appropriate rate?

At TechQuarters, we have developed award-winning IT Change Management Procedures which have helped countless clients move to better suited Microsoft products or services. We provide the knowledge, insights, and expertise to help make any transition as smooth as possible.

Initial Planning Period

  • Meeting with Department Heads
  • Agree the training schedule and timeframe
  • Manage the rollout of 365 Cloud Academy


6-Month Training Schedule

  • Introduce users to training platform
  • Initiate email campaigns for each department
  • Present progress report to Department Heads
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Introducing new technology and solutions is important for a business – it’s the only way to keep your organisation up-to-date with the demands of modern working. But we understand that adoption of new technology can be as big of a challenge as introducing said technology in the first place. Return on investment for new tech is essential.

Here at TechQuarters, we offer all customers migrating to Microsoft solutions our IT Change Management Service. This is a six month training schedule based around our learning platform, the Microsoft 365 Cloud Academy. This platform contains thousands of tutorial videos, edited in a short and accessible style, that teach you all about Microsoft 365, in an easily digestible way – each video is between 15 seconds and 2 minutes long.

TechQuarters will begin by arranging a meeting with the heads of your departments to discuss overall goals, and what areas of training should be priorities – and from this, we will agree on a schedule. Then, a series of webinars will be arranged for your users, in order to introduce them to our training platform. Weekly email campaigns will be scheduled for each department, to direct users to priority areas of training. Finally, each department head will receive monthly feedback from us regarding user activity and progress.

How Does IT Support Help With Change Management?

Change Management refers to the structured approach of preparing, supporting, and managing individuals, teams, and organizations through a planned change. It involves transitioning from the current state to a desired future state while minimizing resistance and maximizing the benefits of the change. In the context of an IT company, change management focuses on implementing changes to technology systems, processes, or policies within the organization. Say for example you need the kind of IT Support Agriculture Farmers use, then you want to know that the right processes and policies are in place for a business like this.

Change can be disruptive, and without proper management, it can lead to resistance, decreased productivity, and project failure. IT companies play a crucial role in managing change by following established methodologies and frameworks. Here are some key aspects of how an IT company helps manage change:Planning and Strategy: IT companies assess the need for change and develop a comprehensive change management strategy. This involves identifying the goals, defining the scope, and establishing the timeline for the change initiative. The strategy outlines the approach to be taken, communication plans, and strategies to mitigate risks and resistance.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging stakeholders is critical to successful change management. IT companies identify and involve key stakeholders, such as employees, management, and customers, throughout the change process. They communicate the purpose and benefits of the change, address concerns, and ensure stakeholders are actively involved and supportive of the initiative. TechQuarters are a Business IT Support London Solutions Provider who are experienced in providing their clients with an IT Solution that takes stakeholders into consideration at all key points. 

Communication and Education: Clear and effective communication is vital in change management. IT companies develop communication plans to ensure that relevant information reaches all stakeholders. They provide regular updates, explain the rationale behind the change, and address any questions or concerns. Additionally, IT companies may offer training and educational programs to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to the changes.

Change Impact Assessment: IT companies assess the impact of the change on various aspects, including technology systems, processes, resources, and employees. They analyze potential risks, dependencies, and challenges associated with the change. This assessment helps in identifying potential bottlenecks and developing strategies to minimize disruption.

Change Implementation: IT companies manage the actual implementation of the change. This involves coordinating activities, monitoring progress, and addressing any issues that arise. They ensure that proper testing, quality assurance, and validation processes are in place before the change is rolled out. IT companies also provide technical support and assistance to employees during the transition phase.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Change management is an ongoing process, and IT companies monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the change. They collect feedback, measure performance against predefined metrics, and identify areas for improvement. This iterative approach allows them to make necessary adjustments and optimize the change initiative for better outcomes. Tools like these are useful in many industries, like IT Support for Marketing Agencies always relies on knowing the best tools and apps for marketers to sue, they will always need the latest and greatest tools to be using to ensure they are working effectively.

Continuous Improvement: IT companies foster a culture of continuous improvement by learning from past change initiatives. They document lessons learned, capture best practices, and apply them to future change management efforts. By continuously refining their change management processes, IT companies ensure that they can adapt to evolving technology landscapes and effectively manage future changes.


Why choose TechQuarters for Change Management?

IT companies play a crucial role in change management by providing expertise, structure, and support throughout the change process. They facilitate effective communication, stakeholder engagement, planning, implementation, and evaluation to ensure that changes are successfully integrated into the organization while minimizing disruption and maximizing benefits.

If your organisation is migrating to Microsoft 365, or considering migrating, you will find no better partner than TechQuarters. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider. What this means is that, over the years, we have demonstrated an exceptional standard of service; our expertise in Microsoft’s portfolio of products can be seen in our customer testimonials and, of course, our 365 Cloud Academy training platform. We have onboarded almost 30,000 users to Microsoft 365 in our 11 years of operation, and our customer satisfaction score is at an all-time high.

If you are in any way interested in Microsoft 365, feel free to contact us. We can discuss what areas you’re interested in, the needs of your organisation, and how we can help.