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The phrase: “New year new me’’ is often thrown about each January, with individuals planning to make changes to their lives with the intent in making this year better than the last. At TechQuarters, we like to be productive and keep our teams motivated so we have come up with 8 tips on productivity this 2017!

Wake up early

This is an important habit to get into; getting a goods night sleep and waking up early means that people feel more energised and refreshed. Studies show that ‘morning people’ are the most productive and hence more successful. In addition, waking up early means that the work can be finished before everyone else has even started giving you a great head start.

Start doing!

The first tip to productivity is just to get going, and don’t over-analyse too much. The mind visualises all the difficult stages that are to come, the individual feels panic resulting in procrastination. This also wastes a lot of time, the time used to think and panic could’ve been replaced with productivity. Remember plan but don’t procrastinate.

Come up with 3 main goals

They could all relate to work, social life even health! 3 main goals that you feel are important to become productive, this is a great motivational tip. Setting goals means that eventually they need to be achieved, so get cracking!

Singular focus

Remove all distractions and focus on the task at hand. Being only human, our minds often likes to wonder, but we must discipline ourselves to focus. The best way to do this is to think about each outcome separately, set a time-frame and begin.

Leverage tools

There are so many choices when it comes to what tools to use to be productive in the work place, this is where technology comes in. Office 365 applications are a great, efficient tool for businesses, students, teachers, etc. to improve their productivity. Office 365 products enable users to collaborate with others faster, improve communication and complete an array of tasks and projects. There are many great collaboration tools in Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer , SharePoint. There are other great tools such as OneNote which is great for jotting down quick notes in a meeting compared to writing on a piece of paper, your most likely going to miss some important information out. This will ensure that the user can reformat that information into a report saving both time and energy!

Schedule everything

This is a must when it comes to being productive, its important to have a list of what needs to be done and when it should be done by. At TechQuarters, we use Outlook Calendar, Planner, OneNote and Excel to create timetables and schedules. This ensures that we all stay on top of things and maintain both productivity and efficiency.

For more ideas on how Office 365 can improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace, see some of our product blogs:

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