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In this IT Support videos, Chris, our Founder and CEO, covers what is proactive advice or recommendations – which is something your IT Support provider should be offering when you’re looking for an IT Support service. Check out the video or read the transcript below, then if you are interested in our IT Support service – our contacts details are at the bottom as well.

One of the most important parts of an outsourced IT support service is good proactive advice on all the latest technologies that’s out there in the IT stratosphere.

So are you partners actually connected with, perhaps, Microsoft? Or any of these other larger vendors. And can they make the right type of recommendations that will help your organisation.

So you need to be meeting with them on a quarterly basis or even, sometimes, monthly, and then part of that meeting should involve new technology recommendations and generally how that technology can weave into your present infrastructure and benefit your organisations and also, of course, what the costs are for it.