Are you looking for the best mailing system that not only allows your organisation to communicate and organise effectively, but save costs? Outlook and Gmail are arguably two of the biggest email services being used by businesses today – so, we thought we’d pit them against each other to see who really gives you the best deal!

So now let’s get into Outlook VS Google Mail, starting the features of both products…

Outlook VS Google Mail Packages

First, we are going to cover the packages without getting into costs. This will help to focus on the capabilities of each product and how it can benefit your organisation in terms of efficiency, communication and productivity.

Gmail three plans available for businesses:

  • Basic – Professional office suite with 3OGB storage
  • Businesses – Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving
  • Enterprise Businesses – Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities

Outlook also has three plans available but not segmented by companies’ size but needs

  • Exchange Online Plan 1 – Secure and reliable business email with 50GB storage per user
  • Exchange Online Plan 2 – Includes all features in EP1 and unlimited storage, hosted voicemail and Data Loss Prevention
  • Office 365 Business Premium – Includes all features of EP1 plus fully installed Office, 1 TB file storage, sharing, video conferencing and more

As you can see Google has segmented their business package by size of business whereas as Outlook Exchange packages are designed for meeting specific business needs.

Interface and Features

As you can see Outlook’s interface is more sophisticated. This is because Outlook has hundreds of features to support users when it comes to composing, sending and receiving emails. Users have features built in to help them organise and schedule meetings. This gives you more control over the application, they can set rules and protect their e-mails and so on. In comparison, Gmail has a lot less capabilities, which is reflected in its simplistic design.

Outlook VS Google Mail outlook screenshot

Outlook VS Google Mail gmail screenshot

Security Features


  • Confidential mode – setting expiration dates on e-mails
  • Two-factor authentication

Exchange Online

  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-Spam Filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention Capabilities*
  • PIN lock for logging into mobile devices

As you can see Exchange Online includes more security features, and we know for every business security is a priority. Imagine all that data flying around in your e-mails, the last thing we need is a data breach. We also know a lot of people access their emails remotely and so with Exchange Online plans, you can protect your email account with the PIN Lock feature.

Gmail unfortunately does not have that feature. Most Gmail plans only have two security features available which is two factor authentication and confidential mode. Data Loss Prevention is available for Gsuite Enterprise and Education customers. These features enable users to protect their accounts with a two-step process and send e-mails with an expiry data which is okay but if you’re paying more for Gmail…you should be getting a lot more security features.

Accessibility features

Outlook has at least 14 accessibility features we’ve discovered, and Microsoft are coming out with new accessibility functions every quarter. These include dictate services, immersive reader and accessibility checker which help support users who have all types disabilities. For example, the immersive reader can help users who find focusing or rationalising text a challenge, to be more productive when using Outlook online as they aren’t overwhelmed by features. See another example of one of Outlook’s great accessible features in the below video:

In comparison to Outlook, Gmail has very few accessibility features – for example, Screen Reader. This has the capability to dictate for users who have visual impairments. They also have the capability for users to switch their email views to HTML and to change the view to high contrast theme for users who have vision challenges. Overall, there are many features that are not available in the product, which we think is a downside. Organisations should make a conscious effort to be more inclusive and have tools that support those who may have invisible and visible disabilities.

How much does it cost?

Now that we have looked at the differences, let’s get into costs.

Below screenshots show the price difference between Gmail and Exchange Plans;

G Suite Plans

Outlook VS Google Mail comparison gmail price plans

Exchange & Suite Plans

Outlook VS Google Mail comparison exchange price plans

There’s not that much difference in the price with the two email plans by Google and Microsoft. They both include basic email functions with security features. However, the Gmail Enterprise Plan, which is £20, offers unlimited cloud storage, video and audio conferencing as well as security features. The Enterprise version of Office 365 (not shown above, but called E3) includes these same features – but for £17.60. The Office 365 Business Premium plan above, again includes the same features – unlimited cloud storage, conferencing with Microsoft Teams and Advanced Security – for only £9.40 per user per month but is capped at 300 users. Either way, whether you go for the Business Premium or E3 version of Office 365 – you’re still getting an all inclusive business package, for less than the G Suite £20 a month.

The Verdict

So to conclude our Outlook VS Google Mail review, the more cost-effective solution is to go with Microsoft Outlook, not only is it slightly cheaper – the quality is there! They have thousands of features built into the email operating system to give users control over the way they manage their emails and communication.

Another factor that is important for every organisation is to ensure their email system has great built in security. The more security features built in, the more secure you can be that a company data and user data is protected. In the era of GDPR, the last thing anyone needs is a data breach.

Lastly, the accessibility features are fantastic and forward thinking. We cannot rave about this enough, as the system is designed to be usable by a diverse range of people and help them achieve more.

To learn more about Office 365 or Microsoft 365 which includes Outlook, call us today.

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