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Are concerned with finding the right solution for archiving and file management? Do you wish you had a highly configurable service for all your storage needs?

With our SharePoint services, we at TechQuarters have helped countless companies to streamline and improve their collaborative and sharing abilities between teams. We have the necessary know-how to help setup your SharePoint drives and help to minimize downtime due to files being lost, misplaced, or saved in the wrong locations.

Some of the SharePoint services we offer:

  • SharePoint Standard
  • SharePoint Server 
  • SharePoint Enterprise 
  • SharePoint Online 
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Microsoft SharePoint is the be-all, end-all solution to your business’ storage and file management needs. Whether you are looking to streamline everyday tasks, archive documents, or create sites for different departmental file storage – SharePoint can do all of it, and more.

SharePoint is a web-based platform with a wide array of capabilities – but it is primarily used as a document management and storage service. However, SharePoint is highly configurable and can be used to fulfil many different use-cases. SharePoint integrates with all Microsoft products and services, and is accessed centrally from the Microsoft Cloud. This means it is a great option for team collaboration – it performs all the tasks of a file server, and offers project scheduling, shared mailboxes, and social collaboration.

Here at TechQuarters, we have been supporting businesses with SharePoint for more than 10 years to date. If you choose us to help you setup SharePoint, you will benefit from our expertise in a number of ways: The development of SharePoint sites will be quicker and easier; we can design attractive sites with layouts optimised for your work; we will perform a professional handover, with plans for maximum user adoption.

Why choose TechQuarters to help setup SharePoint for your business?

TechQuarters have gained an expertise in SharePoint that can only come from years of provisioning businesses with the software, designing sites for them, and configuring it to meet the demands of their organisation. We have gone through this process with businesses of many different shapes, sizes, and sectors – there isn’t any demand that your business might have that we couldn’t take in our stride.

As both a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, we are trusted by Microsoft themselves to deliver the highest possible standard of setup support, and ongoing maintenance, for SharePoint. If you are still unsure, we are more than happy to have a no obligation chat with you about what you need, and what more you could get from SharePoint.

What Are The Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint?

Enhanced Collaboration: SharePoint provides a collaborative environment that allows teams to work together in real-time, irrespective of their physical location. SharePoint allows users to create and manage team sites, share documents, collaborate on projects, and co-author files, making it easier for teams to work together efficiently and seamlessly. SharePoint also offers features such as discussion boards, task lists, calendars, and workflows, which facilitate team collaboration and streamline business processes. If you need a SharePoint Consultant to help your business, we can help – from IT Support Wandsworth Solutions to IT Support Manchester Solutions, we cover tehe whole of the UK and are well-equipped to support your business. 

Centralized Document Management: SharePoint serves as a centralized repository for documents, files, and other content, making it easy for businesses to store, organize, and manage their information. SharePoint offers robust document management features such as versioning, metadata, document libraries, and search capabilities, which enable businesses to efficiently store, find, and track documents. This reduces duplication of effort, eliminates information silos, and ensures that teams have access to the latest and most relevant information.

Improved Productivity: SharePoint provides a wide range of features and tools that enhance productivity for businesses. Users can create and manage documents, collaborate on projects, automate workflows, create custom forms, and integrate with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, all within the SharePoint platform. SharePoint also offers powerful search capabilities, allowing users to quickly find relevant information, reducing time spent searching for documents and improving overall productivity.

Secure Information Management: SharePoint offers robust security features that help businesses protect their sensitive information. SharePoint provides granular permissions and access controls, allowing businesses to define and manage user access to content and ensure that information is only accessible to authorized personnel. SharePoint also offers features such as data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and audit logs, which help businesses meet compliance requirements and protect their sensitive data from unauthorized access. A good Managed IT Services Central London Company like ourselves can help you get these kinds of things setup and working perfectly for your company.

Customizable and Scalable: SharePoint is a highly customizable platform that can be tailored to suit the unique needs of businesses. SharePoint allows businesses to create custom sites, pages, lists, and workflows, and customize the look and feel of their SharePoint environment to align with their brand and business requirements. SharePoint is also scalable, allowing businesses to start small and expand their usage over time as their needs evolve.

Business Process Automation: SharePoint offers powerful workflow capabilities that enable businesses to automate their business processes. SharePoint workflows allow businesses to create automated, sequential, and parallel workflows to streamline and automate their business processes, such as document approval, contract management, and issue tracking. As an Outsourced IT Company we will be able to help you with all of your SharePoint needs, having a partner like us helps businesses reduce manual errors, streamline operations, and improve efficiency.

Mobile and Remote Access: SharePoint provides mobile and remote access, allowing users to access their documents, files, and information from anywhere, at any time, using various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This enables remote and mobile workers to stay connected and collaborate effectively, improving overall productivity and flexibility in today’s dynamic business environment.


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