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Office 365 Support | Office 365 Consultants

Are you concerned that your users are not maximising the full potential of Office 365? Perhaps your teams are getting frustrated because they aren’t sure of how to use certain applications? Or maybe, you just want a helpdesk for your users to call when they run into Office 365 issues? 

That’s why we developed our Office 365 Cloud Support, so that your users have fast access to engineers that help them to get on with their daily use of Office 365 and solve any problems that might come their way. 

Our Office 365 Support Packages Include:

  • Unlimited calls on Office 365 apps and email services
  • Dedicated account management
  • New technology advice
  • Office 365 Training Bot
  • Ad-hoc project services as preferential rates
  • All for a fixed monthly fee
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Microsoft and Office 365 offer solutions for all the everyday productivity and management needs of a business in 2021. The modern workplace requires flexibility, a high standard of communication and collaboration, and excellent security. With Microsoft and Office 365, you can collaborate with users on work in real-time, using the Microsoft Office apps.

As well as this, communication between users can be seamless with the use of Outlook email, and Microsoft Teams for unified communication. All Microsoft and Office 365 packages come with a high level of built-in security, thanks to Enterprise Mobility + Security.

The Office 365 infrastructure is based in Microsoft Azure cloud datacentres. This means that all maintenance and support for the infrastructure can be performed remotely. At TechQuarters, we have used this as the foundation of our Office 365 Support package. If your IT infrastructure is based in the Microsoft Cloud, you are unlikely to need callouts or onsite support – therefore our Office 365 Support package comes at a reduced rate, compared with our Full & Unlimited IT Support. You will receive the same high standard of service, at a lower price point.

If you need assistance or any information our Office 365 Consultants are there to give you expert advice.

Why should you partner with TechQuarters for your Office 365 Support?

TechQuarters have been implementing Office 365 support for customers for over a decade. Our Office 365 consultants and cloud architects are well trained in all things Office 365. We have on-boarded over 29,000 users over the years, with a 97% customer satisfaction rate as of June 2021.

We are what is known as a Microsoft Gold Partner. What this means is that we have demonstrated a level of service that is equal to that of Microsoft themselves. Microsoft are too big an organisation to provide direct support to all their customers – therefore they must carefully select partners who can offer a level of support for their products and services that represents the quality and professionalism of Microsoft.

We provide award-winning Office 365 Support for your business

As a Tier-1 Microsoft Partner, TechQuarters are a trusted provider of Office 365 Support for many London businesses. Office 365 relates to all of the Microsoft applications you are most probably familiar with including Microsoft Office, the Online Office apps, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and such all over Lonodn and the UK, including Nottingham IT Support Solutions and more. Now you may be familiar with them but if something were to go wrong, would you know how to fix it? This is exactly why having a trusted Office 365 Support Partner. TechQuarters have the breadth and depth of experiences IT Support technicians on hand to help solve your Office 365 issues and keep your technology investments performing as they should.

If you’re using Office 365 applications for your business, you’re most likely going to need some sort of support along the way. TechQuarters have been providing award-winning Microsoft Partner support to their clients for many years. We know exactly how these products work and our dedicated, 24-hour support department have the knowledge and experience to remotely fix over 80% of all our support tickets. That means less downtime for you, leaving you with time to focus on what’s important. If you’d be interested in learning more about the kinds of Office 365 Support we can provide, get in touch with us today – we would love to help you.


Our Office 365 Support London package helps businesses reduce downtime

Office 365 Apps are excellent for daily work tasks. They are the most popular apps of their kind in the world. But does Office 365 include technical support? The short answer is yet, but only for installation and activation problems. Office application troubleshooting is where TechQuarters can help whether you need IT Support Cambridge Solutions or any other kind of IT Support no matter where you are located. Office 365 Support London is a very good solution for the need for Office troubleshooting.

We provide Office 365 Support London firms use to minimize their downtime, by making it much easier to access troubleshooting for their applications. Any of our customers can call the helpdesk and get connected directly to an engineer – we never use call loggers on our helpdesk. If you’re having issues with running any of the Office 365 applications, our engineers – who specialise in Microsoft and Office 365 – will be on hand to take you through the issues and, where possible, give you the knowledge to work through similar issues yourself in the future.

The Office 365 Support London customers receive from us can help make daily productivity tasks much quicker, by imparting our expertise to your users. We are not only here to support users, but to help them with adoption, and train them to have more fluency with Office 365, and any other applications from Microsoft.


Our Office 365 experts are here to support and enhance your productivity

Does your company use the Office 365 Applications? At TechQuarters, we feel they are the perfect apps for your everyday productivity tasks like emailing, note-taking, word and spreadsheet processing, and much more. If your business relies on Office 365, it is important to have support available when you need it, from trained Office 365 experts. You will receive support directly from Microsoft on installation and setup queries; however for ongoing support and troubleshooting you would be best to partner with a Microsoft Partner, like TechQuarters. Our helpdesk is manned by engineers who are trained and certified in Office 365, and they are available to help anytime you need them. You will be able to reach our Office 365 experts through the helpdesk during standard working hours (8:00AM – 6:00PM), with the added options of extended hours, and 24/7 access.

At TechQuarters, we also offer Office 365 training. We understand that some users may be new to Office 365 – perhaps some of your employees have transitioned from using Macs, or Google Workspace, to using Microsoft 365 and Office. Moreover, the functionalities of Office 365 are so diverse that there are always new things to learn with the software. This is why we offer not only Office 365 support, but training with our Office 365 experts, to help you and your colleagues work with the Office apps more intuitively.


We are Microsoft 365 specialists as well as IT & Managed Services Providers

Does your IT infrastructure incorporate Microsoft 365? Are you wanting to transition over to Microsoft 365? TechQuarters is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, as well as a IT support & Managed Services Provider. What this means is our organisation has demonstrated the highest standards of Microsoft’s partnership program. Our Microsoft 365 specialists have trained and received certification directly from Microsoft, demonstrating advanced skills in products such as Office, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

TechQuarters offers Microsoft 365 support to our customers. We understand that businesses wanting to leverage the Microsoft Modern workplace require proactive support and professional project services. TechQuarters’ Microsoft 365 specialists are ready to assist you whenever you need it. Our helpdesk operates during standard business hours (8:00AM – 6:00PM), with extended hours, and 24/7 options also available to customers.

Our goal is to empower your business with Microsoft 365 – giving you the right productivity tools to work smarter and happier. If you are looking to leverage the full functionality of Microsoft Modern workplace, and get the most out of Microsoft 365, do not hesitate to contact TechQuarters – we provide IT Support Banking Services and more. Our Microsoft 365 specialists are on hand to provide top-quality proactive support and ad-hoc project services to businesses in Central & Greater London, and many other cities across the UK.


Getting the Microsoft Office 365 Support you need

Microsoft Office 365 encompasses all of the Microsoft essentials your business needs – and then some more too. As a Tier-1 Microsoft CSP, we here at TechQuarters understand a thing or two about Microsoft Office 365 Support and what that entails. Our world-class team of certified technicians are on hand 24-hours to support you with anything you may need in terms of your Microsoft Office licensing and the applications or systems that you will be working with on a daily basis. Microsoft offers a collection of systems that power your productivity and were made to protect your privacy while allowing for collaboration. So, you should know how to be using them correctly and making the most of them.

Almost every company out there, no matter its size, will require the benefits that Microsoft Office 365 Support provide. The kinds of support that you will receive are undoubtedly beneficial to any business. We have helped many companies in the UK with their Office 365 and Microsoft 365 solutions and know which options suit which companies best. If you are located in the UK and are looking for an IT Support Provider who can offer you the additional benefit of having Microsoft Office 365 Support, speak to us and we can help you find the ideal solution.


What makes us some of the leading Office 365 consultants in London?

When looking for a Microsoft partner to trust with your Office 365 migration, you’ll certainly be considering the amount of experience needed to ensure the project runs smoothly without any hiccups. All our Office 365 consultants, whether they are in the sales or technical teams, have regularly training directly from Microsoft on the latest updates and released. Our accredited engineers then plan and carry out the project with consummate project management skills, together with paramount knowledge of specialist migration software.

TechQuarters Office 365 consultants have on-boarded over 29,000 users to Office 365 since 2010 and are Microsoft Gold Partners using the Microsoft Cloud.

We’ve also trained 18,000 users on all things Office 365 and Windows 10 with our 365 Cloud Academy. Plus, with 96.2% customer satisfaction this year, you can be sure our expert engineers are both friendly and responsive when it comes to keeping you in the loop.


Microsoft Expertise: Office 365 Consultant Knowledge and More

Any good IT Support Provider has the right team and talent onboard to ensure that your business is taken care of in any regard and factor. Whether that be technological hardware knowledge, or IT systems knowledge, coding support, or needing the help from a specialist Office 365 Consultant – your IT Support Partner should be someone you can rely on. They should provide you with all of these benefits and more. This is exactly why certifications and assessments are conducted by the IT Support Firms so as to make sure that their teams are up to date with the latest knowledge and insights so as to better support their clients. Not only do you get certifications for Office 365 Consultants, but there will also be ones for Teams, Excel, and all of Microsoft’s other applications too.

Any business owner who has staff that work on laptops and PCs for the majority of the day would benefit from having a dedicated Office 365 Consultant to deal with any issues or questions that may pop up. The expertise and knowledge that these consultants can bring to the table are invaluable and would make the process of sorting out fixes or bugs so much faster and easier. If you are looking for an IT Support Provider to assist you with expert advice, then speak to us – we would love to help you.



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