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Are you looking to migrate to Office 365? Are you concerned about the downtime during the setup and onboarding process? Have you put off migrating to Office 365 because you are scared it will be too much work or that you might lose important data? 

At TechQuarters, our engineer teams have performed hundreds of successful and smooth migrations to Office 365. We ensure the entire migration has as little downtime as possible and your important data is properly protected both during and after the move.

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Office 365 (now officially called Microsoft 365) is one of the finest suites of productivity and work applications available to businesses. TechQuarters has been performing migrations to Office 365 for over a decade now. We migrate each of our customers from their existing infrastructure, over to Office 365 – this means we have experience migrating from many different types of infrastructure. 

But what is included in Office 365? You will have access to all the Office productivity applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), as well as OneDrive for personal storage, Outlook and Exchange, and Microsoft TeamsOffice 365 is an ongoing license, which means you will receive all future updates. 

TechQuarters are a Tier-1 Microsoft Gold Partner – because of this, we have access to the best Office Experts to assist your teams in making Office 365 work for them. With hundreds of training videos available, support helpdesk support, dedicated account managers and more, our IT Support for Office 365 is unmatched.

If you’ve been thinking of making the move to Office 365 but migrating seemed like to much of a daunting task – speak to us today, we know what’s need to make the migration as smooth and seamless as possible.

We guarantee minimal downtime

One of the biggest concerns our clients have when it comes to Office 365 is not using it – it’s moving to it! All businesses are scared of losing important data during the move, or causing downtime due to systems and applications not being available to use. Whether it is IT Support in Croydon you need, or IT Support in London, our teams will always guarantee minimal downtime. We’ve migrated thousands of companies to Office 365 seamlessly and with almost no downtime at all – thanks to how easy it is to use the cloud based systems Microsoft have cleverly designed, moving to Office 365 is one thing we know improves productivity, improves collaboration, and helps with data management too, no matter what kind of business chooses to use it. 

We make it our business to perform timely and seamless migrations. All our customers have the choice between us managing the project entirely from our end or, if you have in-house technical teams, we can work with your staff throughout the process. Either way, we guarantee minimal downtime.


Why is TechQuarters the ideal choice for Office 365 services?

TechQuarters are what is known as a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider, and a Microsoft Gold Partner. What this means is that we work directly with Microsoft to deliver their products and services to you, the customer. We have demonstrated a consistent level of service that is matches Microsoft itself. The Microsoft Partner model ensures that Microsoft customers receive the best possible support in a reliable, timely, and personal services. With over 700 migrations under our belt – including 29,000 users on-boarded to Office 365 – we have a wealth of experience and expertise to offer.


What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based software suite offered by Microsoft that includes a collection of productivity and collaboration tools. It combines the traditional Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with additional online services such as OneDrive cloud storage, Teams for video conferencing and collaboration, and SharePoint for content management. Our SharePoint Consultants are always on hand to help with any 365 queries you might have.

Users can access Microsoft 365 on multiple devices including Windows and Mac computers, tablets, and smartphones, and benefit from automatic updates and cloud-based storage that allows them to work on documents and collaborate with others from anywhere, at any time.

Microsoft 365 offers a variety of subscription plans, including business and enterprise plans with advanced security features and compliance tools, as well as personal plans for individuals and families. If you’re looking for IT Support in Sheffield or any other location on London, we are the team to help you – we understand Microsoft 365 inside and out and can give you the best support available. It is a popular choice for businesses and organizations of all sizes, as it provides a comprehensive set of tools for productivity, communication, and collaboration.