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Welcome to another TechQuarters blog, a lot of great new features were added to Office 365 in the last month and we thought it would be good to round them all up in this blog!

Capture and insert images straight from your device.

An amazing new feature added to certain Office apps is the ability to add captured images directly into your office documents, it’s currently available for PowerPoint and soon to be added for Word and Excel.

You can now take pictures straight from your mobile or tablet device, edit and crop the image to your liking, and then insert the image right where you need it to be.

This is a really useful feature especially if you need to capture something on the move.

Ink Annotation for your tablet devices.

Windows tablets now offer the ink annotation functionality, this where you can use your finger or a stylus to draw on your document and make notes whilst on the move. For instance, you may circle an image you’ve used and write “Change Image” next to it to remind yourself you need a new one.

If you’re ever in a rush to a meeting and need to mark out some important factors on your document for a presentation, your Windows tablet will allow you to do this with it’s ink/pen tool under the ‘draw’ tab in your Office Documents.

Ink Annotation was only available on OneNote but Microsoft have decided to expand it across different applications since it is such a useful feature.

It also offers you a wide variety of colours in a brand new panel wheel format, as seen in the example image to the right.

Pin documents to your start menu on Windows tablets and mobiles.

With even more focus on mobiles and tablets devices, it’s now possible for you to place single documents on your Windows 10 Start Menu!

Most people have the pain of having to go through folders within folders to then search through tens or even hundreds of documents, Microsoft are now trying to cut back on this inconvenience by allowing you to have access to your most important documents straight from the log in.

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