The Cloud is continually growing and businesses who are looking to adopt the Cloud, search for a number of things:

  • Online functionality for their employees
  • Streamline their IT and gain inefficiencies
  • Dedicated 24/7 support from a trusted host services provider

Microsoft’s latest online productivity suite, Office 365, offers every one of these benefits and more to end users. Secure connections and real-time communication is now available with Lync.

Aston Martin selects Office 365

Aston Martin was among one of the companies to embrace cloud-based productivity services in partnership with Microsoft back in 2012. Aston Martin has over 1,000 employees around the world, each of which can make use of Office 365 and have the ability to communicate and collaborate online in real-time.

The IT infrastructure manager said that Aston Martin’ employees are expecting to be able to connect their email or other services from anywhere, at any time, from any device. “Office 365 offers everything we need,” he stated. “It is designed for the kind of environment we have, with access from around the globe and different levels of services to match our employees’ needs.

Lync Online allows employees to share their desktops, and allows them to connect and share information internally and with partners. SharePoint Online also provides them with a great resource for workers, it allows them to share information externally. Mr Roach-Rooke said that  “Lync and SharePoint have helped to speed interactions and ensure that our teams get the information they need in a timely manner.”

Office 365 simplifies IT management

The Aston Martin staff feel that Office 365 provides them with “the technology they need to drive the business forward.”Mr Roach-Rooke mentioned that Aston Martin does not need to worry about ensuring up-time on its own servers. “We don’t think about storage, capacity planning, external access, or downtime. It’s a real luxury” he also said that the company has been using Office 365 for almost a year now and that they have had fast, reliable performance without significant problems.

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