SharePoint Team Sites are soon to receive some fantastic new capabilities to help make your experience even better!SP

The Homepage

SharePoint team site homepages will be receiving a brand new makeover!

The main focus of the new homepage is displaying the most relevant content for you and others who are within the team site.

With this new design, you’ll be able to have quick access to Outlook group conversations and also quick access to group calendars, files and more.

You can find your files, calendars and more by simply clicking the name of the team site, which will provide a virtual card allowing you to select a navigation point! (Which you can see in the screenshot below)

New SharePoint Team Site Homepage

New SharePoint Team Site Homepage

Quick Links

Quick Links is one of the added features to the team site homepage.

This new capability allows you to insert a file or URL which will then be prominently displayed directly at the top of the page.

These quick links can host content such as files, applications and other site pages that you want everyone else in the team to see or easily have access to.

So now you can now provide easy navigation to important files for you and your team!


quick link

Quick Link Section


Activity Section

The new activity section allows you to get a visual aid of what’s actually happening within your team site.

Any documents within your team site that have been edited recently or are currently being edited will be displayed on the homepage.

It will also tell you who has edited the document, and who was last to edit the document.

This may seem familiar to you as other Office 365 components have similar features, such as Delve which has a ‘Popular Documents’ section.


Activity Section


This update will be given to first release customers early September 2016!

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