Welcome to another TechQuarters blog, in this edition we’ll be discussing the new apps that are set for release on Windows 10 PC’s, tablets and mobiles.

Instagram for mobile

The extremely popular app Instagram will soon be available for Windows 10 mobiles. Instagram is a photo/video sharing social media site that has a deployed app on most mobile 

The app will feature all of the key aspects and consumer favourites such as:

  • Instant messaging with other users
  • Photo and video uploading/sharing
  • Account switching, allowing you to have more than one account installed
  • A search and explore feature that lets you search for certain images with keywords

Another great feature is that the Instagram app supports ‘Live Tiles’ on Windows phones. This means that you’ll be able to pin your app to your mobile homescreen, and also be able to see how many notifications you have on that app just by looking at the icon.

Facebook for PC’s and tablets

The new Facebook app being delivered for Windows PC’s and tablets will offer a variety of features, and some relatively similar to the features Instagram also offers.

  • Supportive of Windows ‘Live Tiles’
  • Updates you on new notifications
  • Read and share posts/articles from your news feed to your friends
  • In app search browser
  • Provides an in-app calendar

Facebook will add to your calendar with notifications on important updates, upcoming friends birthdays, events, and the latest trends on social media in a right-hand column.

Facebook Messenger for PC’s and tablets

Facebook Messenger is an app that comes alongside the original Facebook app, almost like a subsidiary app to the big app. However, this app is heavily based on the communication aspect of Facebook.

Here’s just some of the great features the app will offer:

  • Fast communication with instant messaging
  • Group conversations
  • Keeps you updated on all notifications that come through
  • Compatible with Windows Live Tiles

This app will provide you with new, fast communication techniques and work alongside your Facebook app fluently.

Overall, these two apps combined will give you a great new way to keep your social life up to date and organised

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