Due to the diversification of resources between on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure, the security concerns are heightened, meaning that more and more companies are looking for solutions that alleviate risk.

This where Multi-Factor authentication comes in:

Microsoft Office offers Multi-factor authentication through its Azure platform. Once you have set-up a single sign-on environment for Office 365, you have the ability to create a multi-factor authentication. Once this has been done, you can activate the multi-factor authentication on the Azure platform – this initiates the secondary authentication process and this can be done via a text or phone call to your system.

The best thing about this Multi-factor Authentication is that you have the option of assigning to certain users, allowing you to choose which departments/employees can make use of it.

Whenever you are considering a roll-out of Multi-factor Authentication, you need to ensure you have a proper strategy, this is because you want to try and avoid users being locked out of business critical applications.

There are two types of pricing models for Multi-Factor Authentication:

The first is for unlimited authentications which comes to a total of £1.28/month per user.

The second is for when you are using Multi-Factor Authentication for an application you use very little you can pay £0.64 per 10 authentications.

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