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Microsoft Teams Training – Do Your Teams Need Some Help?

Are you worried that your users aren’t sure how to work more efficiently in a remote working environment? Are you concerned that your users aren’t making use of all Microsoft Teams’ features and abilities? Would you like to offer more training on Microsoft Teams for your staff?

At TechQuarters, we offer Microsoft Teams Training services to all customers. It is based on our online training platform – the 365 Cloud Academy – which contains thousands of tutorial videos, all edited in an accessibility-friendly style, and ranging from 15-seconds to 2-minutes long.

Our Microsoft Teams Training offer easy to understand guides and training so that your users can get the most from Microsoft Teams. If you’ve started using Microsoft Teams more often and are worried if your users are getting the full benefits of this powerful application – we can help.

Our Teams Training Solutions includes:

  • Unlimited access to portal of Teams videos
  • Searchable e-learning content
  • Dedicated Teams playlists
  • Regularly updated based on new releases and features
  • Same sign-on as your Microsoft 365 account
  • Inclusively designed

TechQuarters can help you build the perfect Microsoft Teams environment for your business – and being a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner, we’re able to incorporate all the necessary tools and tricks into your IT network and setup seamlessly. Our highly skilled teams are experienced in providing transformation and maintenance solutions that are guaranteed to help your business succeed.

Give us a call today and let’s chat about how our proven IT Support Solutions can help your business begin to grow and flourish even more.