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Microsoft Teams – New Updates & Features

The Latest Features in Microsoft Teams

It doesn’t need to be said how important Microsoft Teams has become to many businesses, due to the advent of hybrid and remote working practices.

Since the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has received many new features to make working from home easier for users, and the most recent range of new features have recently been announced.

To start with, Live Captions and Live Transcripts has been expanded to include 27 new languages. Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, German, and many more languages are now supported in Teams Meetings, offering greater accessibility to all.

Perhaps your organization has been using the popular Together Mode when holding meetings – this is the mode where participant’s video streams appear together in a scene, such as a row of seats in a theatre – it’s a fun feature that can make meetings feel more sociable, and now it is going to become much more customizable. As has been announced previously, Microsoft is offering new tools for developers to customize their company’s Teams Meeting experience – using the Developer Portal for Teams, you can create custom scenes to be used in Together Mode.

The Developer Portal also allows users to create Adaptive Cards – these are containers for code that greatly simplify the process of delivering custom workflows and content to Microsoft apps.

These are just a few of the new functions that are available in Microsoft Teams – it is the perfect product for collaborative work and communication. If you are interested in Teams for your organization, TechQuarters can definitely help you – you can reach out to us today to learn more!

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