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Microsoft Teams 5 Year Anniversary – And What’s New?

Yesterday marked the 5th Anniversary of Microsoft Teams – launched on March 14 2017, Teams allowed users from around the world to collaborate, communicate, and work together in some really exciting and revolutionary ways.

Microsoft Teams evolved from its starting point and is now a fully-fledged communications platform that millions of businesses worldwide rely on to get their jobs done and keep their companies running smoothly.

‘We started with a unique point-of-view learning from Microsoft’s experience building communication and collaboration tools and from customer feedback on our products and those across the industry.’ – Microsoft

Almost as if to mark this anniversary – Microsoft has launched a new offering in the Teams world, Teams Essentials, earlier this month too.

Microsoft Teams Essentials is a new subscription that gives you the best of Teams in an affordable package. Designed to transform the way people work and interact with each other, with collaboration firmly in mind, Microsoft Teams is for everyone.

Whether it’s chat, calls, or video, anyone can engage at any time, bringing everyone closer, securely.

It includes powerful, instant meetings; a better way for your teams to collaborate; and focuses on what actually matters. Join us later this month for a quick, 30-minute webinar and demo of Teams Essentials – we’ll show you how to bring your favourite apps and experiences together.