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As BYOD becomes increasingly more popular, organisations need more applications to guarantee their company data is kept secure

Previously on the TechQuarters blog we talked about the ‘Future Mobile Workforce’ and the basics of several Microsoft applications that can make your business truly mobile. Now we’re journeying back and taking a more in-depth look specifically at mobile device management software and Microsoft InTune.

In simple terms, mobile device management is a type of security software that lets companies control what their employees have access to from their portable devices (phones, tablets, and laptops etc). Using a software that allows you to manage all devices from one central location obviously has a lot of benefits, such as more control, security and a clear view of your organisations IT. It also cuts out a lot of tedious traipsing around computers in the office, going to different locations when there are problems and chasing people to bring laptops in from home – just to update them all individually in a time consuming way.

As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becomes increasingly more popular, organisations need more applications to guarantee their company data is kept secure. Recently Microsoft announced that as part of their pledge to keeping the Office 365 business productivity service suite top for security and compliance capabilities, a new mobile device management (MDM) features will be built into Office 365 and rolled out in the first quarter of 2015.

This will allow you to manage access to Office 365 data on a range of phones and tablets, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, as well as apply security policies on all company managed (not just owned) devices. Examples of what this means is you’ll be able to only sync emails and files to company approved phones, and select wipe company data when people leave – but leave their personal data such as photos and apps intact.

If you want even more protection outside of the basics that will be built into Office 365, advanced mobile management and data security, there’s Microsoft InTune. This takes access control one step further and you can protect data even to the point of limiting copy, cut and paste functions on documents and devices.

All this can be managed from one portal, making it ideal for small businesses who don’t have a lot of in-house IT employees as you still work on regardless of the end users location. Each user license also includes up to 5 devices, so you can buy one license per individual and put it on all a person’s gadgets under this one subscription.

The big benefit of this is being able to get a complete overview of everything that is going on in your IT infrastructure. You can get reports reviewing all equipment you manage, which cuts down on the admin of working out when what needs to be updated, as well as will help with planning and troubleshooting.