Do you want to have more control over your company data that’s travelling around on staff mobile devices? Are you concerned that your employees are not in sync and communicating enough when they’re out of the office? If so, you might benefit from a business-specific mobile communication tool, to make it easy for employees to communicate and department heads to manage teams. 

Every business needs a solid foundation when it comes to communicating as when it’s done badly, it can lead to wasted time and money. Now you’re probably thinking, there are so many mobile communication tools out there! How do I know which one to go for? In this blog, we will be looking at Kaizala in comparison to WhatsApp – as they have some similarities but should have very different audiences and uses (as we will hopefully demonstrate). WhatsApp is a very popular consumer app and Kaizala is newly released business app by Microsoft.  

So, what is Kaizala? Kaizala is a mobile application that is simple and designed for organisations to use daily as a communication toolSo what are the benefits of using it over a free, more consumer-focused chat app?  

Security in chats – Kaizala Pro 

We work with so many organisations whose main concern is staying secure and being compliant, especially with GDPR aroundIt’s the responsibility of an organisation to ensure they control their data – even on mobile devicesIf you think about staff communicating with co-workers or line managers on WhatsApp, potentially discussing critical company information – it could be at a huge risk.  

An example scenario: an employee has their phone stolen, so now a third party has access to information they shouldn’t have. Kaizala Pro can help secure company information in chats with data wipe (clearing messages in the chat and removing them as a member). It’s also useful when an employee has left the organisation and no longer needs access to the chat/information. With WhatsApp, if someone gets into the stolen phone, there is no way you can control what they see from then on. 

You might also be worried that data can be accessed by someone remotely, even if they don’t have access to the device. Microsoft Kaizala is designed for organisations so they can message critical company data with advanced security. Microsoft Kaizala provides end to end encryption in transit (while data is moving from device to device) and at rest (in case attackers somehow get access to a device from the outside).

Many organisations don’t have access to what company data is being shared, as it’s all being done on personal devices through WhatsApp. Ideally, you’d want everything stored in one centralised system controlled by the organisation. A great example of personal and business communication cross over is in recruitment. When someone is planning on leaving their job, they probably aren’t chatting to recruiters on business applications, so may be using WhatsApp to keep it private from their current employer. However, if that recruiter leaves, the next one won’t know what stage they are at with a client or have access to the relevant information to be able to deal with them properly. Microsoft Kaizala ensures that organisations have control over the data, so it doesn’t’ matter who leaves the organisation as the data is always in the businesses hands. 


Managing Groups – Kaizala Pro  

Most organisations want to ensure all teams are in sync, but it can be difficult especially if users are based in different locations or sites. A great way to keep everyone on the same page is to create virtual teams,. 

Organization chats like ‘Group Chats’ in Kaizala are great, as almost everyone now has a smart phone that they carry constantly. Users can segment groups by departments, projects, branches, countries and add relevant members and remove them when necessary. Admin users have more control over this group and can assign jobs and tasks within it giving everyone visibility. Another great feature is polls! Don’t we all love a good company survey? It can be useful when choosing a restaurant for a company outing or giving feedback on a new product about to be launched – anything really 

To manage the groups in Kaizala, admin members will need to login to the management portal giving them control over who can copy or share the group. It also allows people to access chat history, which is useful if information needs to be constantly referenced. Admin members also have the rights to disable comments in the chats. For example, you can have a chat just for company announcements so you disable comments as it won’t require a response. WhatsApp on the other hand only enables users to add or remove users and change the group chat name, icon and status.   


Backup of data 

Worried that data is not being backed up? Kaizala is backed up in Office 365 so Admin users can access and monitor information. This feature is really useful in a scenario where someone’s forgotten the password to specific database. They remember getting the password from their colleague Kaizala. Luckily, the chat is backed up in Kaizala so they were able to find their password. This is beneficial not from a security standpoint but an efficiency one too. 

Chat, Photos & Documents 

Kaizala enable users to message co-workers effortlessly because of their simplicity. It enables users to send photos, videos, voice notes and share your location, which is useful in a multitude of situations – such as when you’re in a meeting and you need to send everyone a pic of meeting notes on a board or are at an event and want to share social media content with the marketing team. 

It’s a great way of keeping everyone in sync and on the same page.  Regardless of what size you organisation may be or what sector/industry you fall in – it’s a versatile application. For example, in the hospitality sector, staff members working different shifts want to see who they will be working with or taking over from. This is to ensure the hospital service is efficient as possible. If the shifts change, the whole group can be updated via Kaizala app, which ensures everything is running smoothly.  

Co-workers are able to see who they will be sharing their shift with and who they will be taking over from. Everyone’s aware what days they are week so . It’s flexible way of communicating. Clear, simple and quick.  

Below is a summary of key benefits of using the Kaizala business application, over a consumer one like WhatsApp. As you can see Microsoft Kaizala has additional features that can boost productivity in the workplace. The capability to send co-workers their tasks and assign jobs to ensure they are on track is great. Especially for users who are dispersed and don’t have much face to face communication with their co-workers, this is a great tool to building a strong team.  

Microsoft Kaizala Pro 

  • Saves history in chats 
  • Send meeting invites via mobile app 
  • Secure network 
  • Checklist – share a list of tasks with a person 
  • Assign jobs to people and track their completion status (for admin members only) 

 Obviously WhatsApp and Kaizala are both great applications however we have to say Microsoft Kaizala Pro offers more features that are best fitted to organisations. It’s designed to increase productivity and manage teams in a secure way. We believe Microsoft Kaizala will be adopted quickly as it’s easy to set up and use. What makes Microsoft Kaizala Pro stand out is the security aspect, so you don’t have to worry about data being accessed by unauthorised personnel because of the advanced encryption built it.   

So let’s finish off with pricing. Microsoft Kaizala is free as it’s included in Office 365 but with limited features, so if you want all the advanced security and productivity features, you can with Microsoft Kaizala Pro. It’s cost-effective solution priced at £1.20 per user per month and it’s an investment you’d be crazy not to look into! 


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