Microsoft Future Decoded is a two-day technology event where thousands of successful technology companies and partners come along to network, learn about new market trends like Artificial Intelligience and business opportunities. It’s also an opportunity to see how other businesses can leverage technology to improve customer experience, move to a culture of democratization and create more business opportunity.  

This year, we attended Microsoft Future Decoded on Day 1 and enjoyed the experience. Here’s how the day went;  

They keynote started off with Cindy Rose, CEO of Microsoft UK who talked about the importance of using Artificial Intelligence technology to create a culture of participation. A.I will not take jobs away, rather Artificial Intelligence is about people working with technology! Organisations who are willing to invest in this technology will not only be increasing their chances of success but improving operations and productivity. 

Here at TechQuarters, we are always looking at ways to improve customer experience as well as the happiness of our employees. We have one rule that we follow which is ‘If it can be automated then get it automated’. No one wants to spend hours completing mundane tasks when a A.I bot or system can do it for you. You can focus on the tasks that are more important to you, that will bring the business great value. Cindy also made a powerful statement that really resonated with us. She said, “Last year was about starting, this year is about getting serious’’.  

So, let’s get serious and start doing more research into how A.I. Can help, which moves us swiftly to Chris Brauer keynote speech.  

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Dr Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths University of London, came on stage to discuss the largest Artificial Intelligence research report that was conducted this year. Overall it was great to see that when it comes to A.I Technology, UK holds a strong position with investing and benefitting from Artificial Intelligence, but more work can be done. He shared some fantastic key findings from the report such as:  

  1. 72% of the nation’s finance leaders say their organisation is currently using Artificial Intelligence – a 7% increase from 2018 and considerably higher than the national average of 56%.  
  2. Just over half of business leaders (51%) want their organisation to be leaders in Artificial Intelligence innovation while 46% believe the industry has the necessary structures in place to use Artificial Intelligence to gain a competitive edge on the world stage 
  3. Organisations already using AI at scale are performing an average of 11.5% better than those who are not – up from 5% just one year ago 

These statistics highlight the importance of Artificial Intelligence and the progress from last year. 

An interesting fact is Artificial Intelligence being able to remove bias when decision making, for example it can highlight if a company was hiring a significant amount of people from one demographic and nationality. Artificial Intelligence can detect that bias and make the recruiting team aware. This can improve recruiting processes because they can be more active looking a wider variety of individuals, giving a more realistic refection of society. 

The report also covers how without culture, Artificial Intelligence is not effective. In the report, Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft UK makes a profound statement  

‘’The successful organisations will be the ones that transform both technically and culturally, equipping their people with the skills and knowledge to become the best competitive asset they have. Human ingenuity is what will make the difference – Artificial Intelligence alone isn’t enough”  

Click here to view the report. 

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Chris then brought onto the stage 3 guests, Daren Atkins, Abhijet Akerkar and Kate Rosenshine. It was great to hear how they were utilising technology within their business to improve customer and employee experience.  

For example, Darren Atkins who is the Chief Technology Office at East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust recently oversaw the implementation of the organisations first ever Robotic Process Automation Solution. The NHS moves fast and the nurses want to spend more time with their patients, rather than doing menial tasks – so saving time is a big advantage for them. By investing in Artificial Intelligence, it saved their trust 4,500 hours a month which helped their operations become more efficient and reduce human error where possible.  

A.I on Environmental Issues – Ocean Mind Case Study 

Ocean Mind is a non-profit organisation that provides support, training and capacity building to governments and IGOs as well as risk management to help protect the sea from illegal fishing activities. They help support sea food suppliers and inform them of any fishing activities so they can take legal action. Ocean Mind play a key part in protecting the marine life. They help the sea food and the marine life. Protecting the pecan life Is so important for the environment.  

Wondering how they do this? Watch the video below. 

The breakout sessions are great to learn more about the industry, what other organisations are doing to improve business culture, grow their business and utilise Artificial Intelligence Technology. It was also great to see many organisations of different sizes and sectors get involved. To get a taster of what it looks like, watch our experience of Microsoft Future Decoded in 2018.  

Overall, this year has been great. We are feeling inspired and motivated to continuing leveraging Artificial Intelligence as much as we can to improve our services and business culture and see where the success takes us!  

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Next webinar session Jan 27th ’21 at 11am – ‘Perfect your Modern Workplace’ Webinar: Best Practice IT Cloud Systems from Microsoft

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