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What Do Businesses Use Microsoft Azure For?

The thing that makes Microsoft Azure so compelling for so many different businesses, is the fact that it has over 200 different applications which offer more than 1000 different technical capabilities for businesses to take advantage of. Each and every one of these services have been designed so that they can serve businesses online and via the cloud –  one of the main reasons that companies choose to use Microsoft Azure is to offload resources such as old hardware and servers, however, there are far more capabilities that Microsoft Azure has to offer which make it more than just a storage or offloading facility.

Businesses will decide to use Microsoft Azure in one of three common ways:


  1. IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service: In this instance data is processed on a virtual machine.
  2. SaaS or Software a s a Service: This involves accessing certain software application through the web.
  3. PaaS or Platform as a Service: This includes the development as well as the testing of different applications.

One super useful hack Microsoft Azure has provided its customers with is the option for programmers and developers to use their existing code in a variety of different languages – these are compatible with Microsoft Azure thanks to its open-source computing. This means that Microsoft Azure is the perfect solution for a company that wants to offload all of their computing into the cloud, as well as those businesses who choose to use what is known as a hybrid cloud mode and retain their existing computing and storage on site as well as make use of Microsoft Azure too.

What Is IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a Service, or what it is more commonly known as IaaS, is one of the most affordable and ingenious ways in which businesses are accelerating their digital transformation and taking control of their technology. Making use of Infrastructure as a Service allows businesses to offload certain management and maintenance of their IT network and infrastructure to a professional Microsoft Cloud Partner.

Infrastructure as a Service expands on your network and hosts your applications as well as your solutions through online computing and networking – when a business uses an Infrastructure as a Service, they are choosing to move all of their infrastructure needs onto the cloud and rely on a Cloud Provider or Partner to maintain and manage this network in a way that benefits the business and helps to cut costs.


Top 5 Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

The possibilities and capabilities for businesses when using Microsoft Azure and Infrastructure as a Service are quite astounding, we’re going to take you through five of the best benefits that using IaaS can bring to your business.

  1. Virtual Machines

One of the greatest benefits that Microsoft Azure has to offer companies in this digital age, are virtual machines. This is one of several types of scalable and on-demand computing resources provided by Azure that allows companies to be flexible and not have to purchase and maintain physical hardware to run an application.

A virtual machine can be used in a variety of ways – as long as you have the right partner to help you configure and install the right software on your virtual machine then your users will have no problems accessing it or using it. Virtual machines offer a way to develop and test different applications in different kinds of ways and allow you to host your applications in the cloud, as well as extend your virtual network by connecting two different virtual machines through your organization’s network.

  1. Back Up & Storage

Azure’s backup services are a failsafe for cloud users – even though Azure backup is cloud-native, it can still be used in an on-premises scenario. Microsoft’s Azure Recovery Services take regular and point-in-time backups of your current data from all the various placed it is being stored, and offer security features that allow you to easily manage the security of your data in the cloud as well as providing you with up-to-date backups of all of your data.

  1. Disaster Recovery

When your business goes down, you can rest assured that the disaster recovery services provided by Microsoft Azure will ensure you keep all your applications running during both unplanned, as well as your planned outages within your network.

Azure offers a Site Recovery Solution that is native – otherwise referred to as a Native Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Microsoft are leaders in this field and have the ability to provide the best experience. The end-to-end backup as well as disaster recovery solutions that Microsoft Azure provides, allow businesses to recover any data that might be lost with the click of a button.

  1. Enhanced Security

Businesses are having to deal with ever-evolving cyber hacks and cyber-attacks in this technologically driven age – as a business, if you are not prioritising your security then you are going to fall victim and be vulnerable to these kinds of cyber-attacks and malicious acts. Microsoft Azure ensures that your data is protected from a variety of different threats as well as ensures your compliance with various government regulations no matter your industry. There is absolutely no compromise on your security when using Azure.

Microsoft Azure provides a platform that protects both your company as well as your end users, it also boasts multi factor authentication and advanced disaster recovery tools. These ensure that your data is always being stored in a safe and secure environment as well as being backed up regularly and in a secure manner.

  1. Ultimate Scalability

When a business decides to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure using Infrastructure as a Service, your ability to easily scale either up or down in relation to your resources and demands allows you to manage your costs much more effectively as well as make your business more agile.

When choosing IaaS, you are choosing a subscription-based payment model which means that you do not pay for any of the costs that are involved in managing or maintaining the physical data centre. This means that with the help of a trusted Microsoft partner you can optimise all of your costs and ensure that your data stays both secure and safe online while never paying for more than what you actually use each month.

Looking For The Perfect Azure Partner?

At TechQuarters, we provide the ideal Azure Bounce Out Support Service – when making use of Azure, things can become a bit tech-heavy so bouncing out any issues or reworks to the professionals is not a bad idea. We can work together with your IT Manager to move your current applications to Microsoft Azure. We provide a proactive service that includes active monitoring and alerts, consistent checking of your resources, and preventative health checking too.

We are more than just a call answering service – if you experience any problems, you’ll get through to our specialist services team. This includes a 3rd line Azure Helpdesk, your direct line to senior helpdesk engineers when things aren’t working right.

If you are needing specialist Microsoft Azure Support from a Gold Microsoft Partner, TechQuarters are here to help you.