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Microsoft Announce Latest Teams Updates – April 2022

Have you heard about the latest updates from Microsoft Teams? April 2022 saw the introduction of some seriously helpful and pretty ingenious updates to the platform, and we can’t wait to get started on using them!

Throughout the past few years, the number of Microsoft Teams users has grown exponentially – this means that more and more people are making use of the tool each day, and this means also that people are needing it to do more and more as well. Because of this, Microsoft are releasing updates each and every month – let us have a look at some of the key updates form the past month in April:

  • For iOS users, they will now be able to view their Teams notifications on the top of their screen and be allowed to therefore preview, clear, or collapse any notifications from this bar.
  • There are new banners which highlight their emergency calling features and ability.
  • Text predictions have been introduced to the mobile application, as well as the ability to predict answers and replies to messages as prompts too.

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