Modernise your IT and stay ahead of the curve with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

Digitally transforming is not just about modern tech, it's about improved productivity, better collaboration and staying ahead of the competition in .

You know your IT setup is not good enough anymore and are looking to modernise, but you may be thinking - where do I start? Previously, if a business like yours in wanted to upgrade everyone's systems, you had to look at upgrading them all one at a time and risk ending up with a odd match of software! Microsoft 365 brings everyone onto the same level and continues to keep you up to date on the latest software as it is released. Automatic updates and one dashboard to manage all users means your organisation stays modern and competitive.

What’s included in Microsoft 365?

  • Outlook hosted mailbox
  • OneDrive personal storage for each user
  • SharePoint storage site for all the organisation
  • Microsoft Teams for chats, video meetings and collaboration on files
  • Office such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Presentation and media apps like Sway, Streams and Video
  • Organisation apps such as Planner, OneNote and To Do
  • Web & mobile versions of all apps e.g. Outlook, Word, OneNote
  • Advanced Threat Protection against email spam, malware and threats
  • Custom permissions and security groups around company data
  • Selective Wiping of data from devices with InTune
  • Control access and activity on data with Information Rights Management
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Updates and upgrades rolled out automatically
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