Backup and Disaster Recovery

A complete mirror of your whole infrastructure or business specific servers in the Microsoft Cloud, giving you a second site to work from in the event of a disaster.

48% of UK businesses identified at least one cyber security breach or attack in the last year

UK Govt – Cyber security breaches survey 2017


Do you backup your data to tape or USB or perhaps hard disks and then send it off site?

Are you thinking about setting up an automatic off-site backup? It is definitely less time consuming, more reliable and consistently checked.

TechQuarters’ full backup and disaster recovery service copies all your data off-site, so we can restore files or folders at any time, by just calling the IT helpdesk.

Also, we can very easily enhance this backup to provide you with a full Business Continuity Plan that copies images of your infrastructure and documents the processes for you.

What is it?

Using the very latest Microsoft Cloud Solutions TechQuarters can replicate either your whole IT infrastructure or business specific servers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so you have a mirrored second site to work from in the event of a disaster striking.

We will get you up and running within a matter of minutes and your users can access their usual IT systems from anywhere in the world, using a PC or laptop that is connected to the internet.

Once the disaster has been resolved, we will roll back the systems to your primary site, including all the changes that have happened during the time you’ve been working on the mirrored system.

How does it work?

Our Cloud Architects will configure your IT systems to replicate off-site using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR).

Typically, we configure your systems to replicate 3 times a day. Once the initial replication is done, then it only replicates the small changes to the Data Centre, at set times during the day.

When you need access to the second systems, we spin them up, upon your request, so they become live and accessible via remote networking.


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  • Fixed pricing per server to replicate your infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Cost effective Disaster Recovery solution.

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