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Choosing TechQuarters as your Managed IT Services Provider gives you all the benefits of an internal IT department, but remotely. We are experts in range of services from Full IT Support, Remote IT Support and Infrastructure Support to Backup, Digital Transformation Projects, Office Moves, Telecoms, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

We also have several awards and accreditations for customer service and skill. Some of the ones we’re particularly proud of is being in the top 100 Microsoft UK Gold Partners as well as being ISO 27001 Accredited. 

What Managed IT Services do we offer?

  • Full IT Support

  • Remote IT Support or Office 365 Support

  • Backup Services

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Digital Transformation Project Services

  • Windows Virtual Desktop + Support

  • Microsoft Business Voice

  • Azure Hosting

  • Azure Infrastructure Support

Managed IT Services London

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What are the benefits of a Managed Service Provider?

There are benefits to engaging with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for both companies with and without IT teams.

For organisations without an IT team, it’s like you have a remote technical department. You also get access to a dedicate Account Manager whose role is to review your setup and make recommendations, while you focus on growing your business. Our IT Support Slough Solutions are the perfect fit for your business located in Slough. 

For organisations with an IT team, it’s like you have a more extensive department with access to specialist knowledge on solutions like Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop, and the Microsoft Special Services Helpdesk – another benefit of working with a Gold Partner.

Lastly, engaging an MSP negates the need for organisation and admin around holidays and sick leave for an IT team as you always have a backup.

Benefits of working with a Managed IT Service Provider in Slough

MSPs are Cost-effective

There are a few ways in which an MSP can save you money. Firstly, by letting you know when existing technology becomes outdated and thus no longer cost effective. Secondly, access to a diverse range of expertise for a fixed monthly fee. Thirdly, better than average prices on technologies if they are partnered with the vendor.

Strategic Planning Support

A large part of an MSP service should be about planning tailored strategies for your business. Your Account Manager will be there to ensure the strategies put in place for your enterprise are on-track – usually by way of an hour-and-a-half business review held every quarter.

Preventative Support

Managed Services are not just about fixing things when they break; but about monitoring your infrastructure and putting tools in place that will eliminate instances of faults in the system. The aim is to prevent all avoidable faults, and in the unlikely case of an unavoidable fault, there will be protocols in place to minimize the effect it has on your business.

Our IT Support Slough Solutions are the perfect fit for your business located in Slough. Give us a call to find out more, we would love to help!

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