Managed IT Services London

Outsourced IT Support and Managed IT Services from a Microsoft Gold Level MSP with offices based in London Bridge, Victoria and Soho.

Choosing TechQuarters as your Managed IT Services Provider gives you all the benefits of an internal IT department, but remotely. We are experts in range of services from Full IT Support, Remote IT Support and Infrastructure Support to Backup, Digital Transformation Projects, Office Moves, Telecoms, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

We also have several awards and accreditations for customer service and skill. Some of the ones we’re particularly proud of is being in the top 100 Microsoft UK Gold Partners as well as being ISO 27001 Accredited.

What Managed IT Services do we offer?

  • Full IT Support

  • Remote IT Support or Office 365 Support

  • Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Backup Services

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Digital Transformation Project Services

  • Windows Virtual Desktop + Support

  • Microsoft Business Voice

  • Azure Hosting

  • Azure Infrastructure Support


Managed IT Services London

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What Managed Security Services do MSP’s provide?

There are several ways an MSP like TechQuarters can help organisations with their security and few are listed below:

  • Security Assessment
  • Cyber Essentials Accreditation
  • ISO 27001 Accreditation
  • E3 and E5 Security
  • GDPR
  • End user security training

For an in-depth review of what we can help you with, check out our Managed Security Services guide or contact us at the form opposite.

Working with a MSP: With and without an internal IT Team

There are benefits to engaging with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for both companies with and without IT teams.

For organisations without an IT team, it’s like you have a remote technical department. You also get access to a dedicate Account Manager whose role is to review your setup and make recommendations, while you focus on growing your business.

For organisations with an IT team, it’s like you have a more extensive department with access to specialist knowledge on solutions like Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop, and the Microsoft Special Services Helpdesk – another benefit of working with a Gold Partner.

Lastly, engaging an MSP negates the need for organisation and admin around holidays and sick leave for an IT team as you always have a backup.

TechQuarters’ Managed IT Services for London Support Stats


Calls Solved within 30 Minutes


Calls Solved within 8 Hours


Calls Solved within 24 Hours

What is a Managed Service Provider

What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

So what is a Managed Service Provider, or a Managed IT Service Provider? Our CEO Chris delves into this in the video on the left, or else if you would prefer to read about what you should be expecting from a Managed IT Service Provider – read the transcript below.

What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

What is a Managed Service Provider or a Manage IT Service Provider? Well typically it’s when an organisation decides that they want to outsource the advice and support of the whole of their IT infrastructure to another company. This other company would be the Managed Service Provider. It’s usually underpinned by a Support Service agreement and what that means is that all of the users that have problems with their IT equipment in the customer site can literally call up a helpdesk service at the Managed Service Provider, and they would remote onto the users machines and fix things. If they couldn’t fix things remotely, then they would escalate it to a callout and an engineer would be sent to the customer’s site to fix things in situ. The support service is generally considered to be a service contract and it’s underpinned, and priced on a fixed monthly fee.

On top of this, the customer that outsources to this Managed Service Provider would expect to get recommendations on new technology technology that can benefit them and move their IT along, just basically keeping them one step ahead of the game when it comes to tech. Typical solutions might be Disaster Recovery, Backup Services, Digital Transformation with a move to the Microsoft Cloud solutions, Telecommunications, the list goes on. But the Managed Service Provider should be making those recommendations and normally they’re done at quarterly business reviews.

In those QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews), this Managed Service Provider would be sitting down with the customer, and talking through the support service – how it’s been performing, any projects that are ongoing, and any new technology that has arrived on the scene that would benefit the customer site. Typically all of these is covered for a fixed monthly fee, and that’s what a Managed Service Provider is.

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Benefits of working with a Managed IT Service Provider in London

MSPs are Cost-effective

There are a few ways in which an MSP can save you money. Firstly, by letting you know when existing technology becomes outdated and thus no longer cost effective. Secondly, access to a diverse range of expertise for a fixed monthly fee. Thirdly, better than average prices on technologies if they are partnered with the vendor.

Strategic Planning Support

A large part of an MSP service should be about planning tailored strategies for your business. Your Account Manager will be there to ensure the strategies put in place for your enterprise are on-track – usually by way of an hour-and-a-half business review held every quarter.

Preventative Support

Managed Services are not just about fixing things when they break; but about monitoring your infrastructure and putting tools in place that will eliminate instances of faults in the system. The aim is to prevent all avoidable faults, and in the unlikely case of an unavoidable fault, there will be protocols in place to minimize the effect it has on your business.

More benefits of working with an MSP…

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What else makes TechQuarters a great choice as your Managed IT Services Provider London?

There are lots of other companies offering IT Support London. Here’s a few reasons why we think you’ll enjoy a partnership with us:

Fast and proficient response

Our engineers are targeted on both fixing your issues in a timely fashion and remembering customer service. Our typical fix rates are 60% of calls handled in 30 minutes and 76% in less than 24 hours, but our main rewards and targets are based around ensuring the client is happy – so you won’t be rushed off the phone or have a ticket closed before you’re truly satisfied with the result.

Customer service

We are easy to work with and flexible, always dealing with your IT challenges in a composed and responsive way. With an average 96.3% retention of clients year on year, we pride ourselves on our customer service

Proactive IT advice

As a client you’ll receive regular monthly strategic IT reviews and recommendations. We pride ourselves on being one of the top IT Companies in London, at the forefront of new technologies and guiding our customers through the various options. With TechQuarters you’ll never feel left behind when it comes to your IT.

Web Based Support System

TechQuarters use a web based support system for logging and tracking calls which not only means there is an ongoing record of your issue in case it gets passed to a more senior engineer, but we can also create great reports on performance for our Account Manager meetings and calls as well.

Support and training for your staff

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we implement their new cloud technology for clients, such as Office 365 and Microsoft 365 business, after trialling and deciding it is right for them. More importantly we have developed a video training solution with 1,000’s of 15 second videos on how to use all the Microsoft applications, so your users know what they are doing in the new system. We think this is one of the things that makes us unique, as we don’t just migrate you and leave you to it – we help you get a real return on the investment through proper training.

Engineer Communication

At TechQuarters, we understand the importance of engineer communication when it comes to your staff feeling comfortable. We hire engineers and helpdesk staff that won’t just talk to you and your users in technical language that you don’t understand, but will explain what they are doing as they fix your issue so you’re in the loop.

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  • Securing your Company Data & Protecting Against Malware
  • Compliance in the Cloud
  • What User Training & Helpdesk Support are Available?

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