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Managed IT Services London 

Are you wanting more structured, timely, and proactive IT Support in London? Do you want an IT Partner that understands your business and can guide you through new technology recommendations using the Microsoft Cloud suite?

At TechQuarters, our specially developed Managed IT Services London Offerings are based on enhancing your IT Infrastructure and providing the dedicated monitoring and management that your IT Systems deserve.

Fixed Priced Managed IT Services London Package:

  • Unlimited IT Support – 24/7
  • Proactive infrastructure monitoring – 24/7
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • New technology recommendations
  • 3 years Cloud Roadmap IT Strategy document
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Backup
  • Managed Asset database
  • Managed Procurement service
  • All for a fixed monthly fee
Managed IT Services London

Our Managed IT Services London package is the next step up from our Full & Unlimited IT Support service. If you have 50 or more users working in your organisation, you will begin to see the benefit of additional technology services. As your business grows, so will your IT requirements. Rather than placing further time and resources into managing your IT infrastructure – which might impede further company growth – you can place full responsibility for maintaining your processes and functions with a Managed Service Provider like us.

When you purchase our Managed IT Services London package, we perform an assessment of your company’s IT infrastructure. When we have worked out exactly what technical solutions your company needs, or would significantly benefit from, we will devise a 3-year Cloud Roadmap. This is an IT strategy document proposing all the technology we plan to implement. You will have Quarterly Business Reviews with your Account Manager to review the Roadmap – this will include checking whether the strategy is still in line with the needs of your business.

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What Sets Us Apart:

We’re A Cost-effective MSP

There are a few ways in which an MSP can save you money. Firstly, by letting you know when existing technology becomes outdated and thus no longer cost effective. Secondly, access to a diverse range of expertise for a fixed monthly fee. Thirdly, better than average prices on technologies if they are partnered with the vendor.

We Provide Strategic IT Planning Support

A large part of an MSP service should be about planning tailored strategies for your business. Your Account Manager will be there to ensure the strategies put in place for your enterprise are on-track – usually by way of an hour-and-a-half business review held every quarter. Have a look at our 20 services that a managed service provider should offer.

We Provide Preventative IT Support

Managed Services are not just about fixing things when they break; but about monitoring your infrastructure and putting tools in place that will eliminate instances of faults in the system. The aim is to prevent all avoidable faults, and in the unlikely case of an unavoidable fault, there will be protocols in place to minimize the effect it has on your business.


Our Managed IT Support London Service vs. Outsourcing

Outsourced IT Support and our Managed IT Support London service are very similar, but they differ in a couple of ways. Outsourced support may not include a set contract or SLA’s, as you may have agreed upon only a certain amount of cases a month or resolving issues on an ad-hoc basis. This is more common for organisations who have an IT team or individual in place already, so were just looking for some bounce out IT Manager Support for their tech team. 

With our Managed IT Support London Service, the intention is that we are your IT team! So, we will have a set contract in place with SLA’s and expectations. You’ll get a dedicated Account Manager who will help you with an IT Strategy document and review it every few months at a Quarterly Business Review to help keep your IT in line with your business goals. Our Managed IT Support London service also complements nicely with some of our other Managed Services, such as Backup or Cloud Hosting. So, by choosing us as your Managed Services Provider, you’re getting access to a full IT department at the simple fixed price per user or PC. 


Who could benefit from a Managed IT Services London solutions?

If you’re considering a Managed IT Services London solution, our Managed Services are an efficient choice for any organisation who want to evolve their business by utilising the experience and skills of a technical helpdesk. Our Managed IT Services London team are a very well trained and highly certified group, whose goals are to give our customers the best support possible and execute the newest technology. 

Our team of qualified technicians and engineers offer support across all industries – from IT Support for PR and IT Support for Packaging Sector to IT Support Non-Profit Organisations would use, from IT Support for Universities to IT Support for Colleges or even IT Support Banking Agencies would use – we have the knowledge and experience to help. If your company needs IT Support for Design we can help, if you need IT Support for Logistics or IT Support for Distribution Sector then we can help – just give us a call or send us a mail and we can take you through the various solutions available. 

If you’re a small business looking to engage with an IT outsourcer, a Managed IT Services London solution is a great choice – whether you are looking for IT Support Kingston Services or IT Support West London Services we have you covered. It gives you access to a provider who not only providers outsourced support, but also other services such as Microsoft Azure Hosting or Digital Transformation. If you already have an IT team internally, our Managed IT Services London can complement your existing setup with our proactive technology recommendations. The challenge of keeping your technology relevant in an ever-increasing digital world requires a lot of research, and with our tech team being at the forefront of this industry with a direct connection into Microsoft – they are a great resource to have on your side. 

Managed IT Services in London – Scenario

Let’s introduce you to Mike, the CEO of a successful architecture firm, Hidings Architecture. Based out of London, he heads up a team of over 40 individuals. For the past 5 years, Ben, the resident IT guru has been the go-to man for Hidings Architecture’s IT needs – he knows enough about systems and can sort out the ad-hoc daily tasks.

After chatting to Ben and seeing what can be done to help the situation Mike finds himself in, Ben suggested that outsourcing to a complete Managed IT services provider is the way to go. Mike began his search – sourcing the right IT support and complementary services which includes everything he needs: full 24-hour IT support for his staff, cloud data storage capabilities, collaborative working applications, and advanced SharePoint solutions – and this is where we stepped in, as we are a Managed IT Services company in London.

 TechQuarters dived head in to solve their problems and demonstrate just how effective a fully managed IT service provider can be. Now Mike’s entire team is not only working more efficiently and safely, (including Ben who gets to do what he loves) the benefits of getting this fully managed IT service in London at a fixed monthly price has the Financial Director smiling and satisfied knowing his IT budget stays the same for an entire year.


Managed IT Services for small business

Managed IT Services provide many kinds of businesses with access to a full team of experienced technical IT staff – we can help provide IT Support for Fashion and Apparel Companies, as well as IT Support for Civil Engineering. No matter your sector or industry, we can help you. Our teams have a broad range of expertise on hand to help their company’s full-time employees and IT Systems run smoothly. These services cover an extensive range of tasks and skills – if you need help with IT Support for Marketing Companies or IT Support for Food and Beverage Industry, we have the expertise to help you. Even when looking at Managed IT Services for small business needs, you still need to take into consideration factors such as security and compliance standards, how you backup your data, disaster recovery – your Managed IT Services for small business owners should include everything you need to fulfil your business needs.

Any business owner recognizes how much having an IT Managed Service Provider benefits their business. You are the expert in your own field, and so are they – when providing Managed IT Services for small business needs, there should be care taken to ensure that business success is achieved through the help of managed IT services. A Managed IT Service Provider should offer tools, support and solutions that will help you save money and increase efficiency as well.

So, if you are looking for the perfect package for Managed IT Services for small business owners, outsource that function to a third-party provider. A managed services provider will work with you to create your perfect IT infrastructure and provide IT support whenever your business may need the support.

    MSP Service

    You’ve probably seen the term MSP Service come up and wondered what exactly it meant. The abbreviation is used when referring to a Managed Service Provider, such as a Managed IT Services Provider. The term MSP refers to when companies outsource a certain form of support to a specialist company to manage and maintain. In other words, an MSP provides managed services to organizations, and this generally involves handling their entire IT infrastructure remotely.

    When looking for an MSP, you are not wanting someone who can just help you with day-to-day functioning of your IT Systems – you need someone who will be proactively assisting you. Your Managed IT Service Provider should make sure you are up to date with the latest tools and safety features. An MSP Service Offering will not only deal with the small issues such as printers not working, they will also help you to secure your data, perform hardware updates, keep your hardware running smoothly, provide 24-hour IT Support assistance, and provide other forms of IT support.

    Usually, an MSP Service Offer will provide the following IT Support Services:

    • Completely Managing your IT Infrastructure
    • Monitoring Software & Hardware
    • Increasing Safety & Protection of Data & Devices
    • Offer Technical Support
    • Fully Managed Hardware Outsourcing & Maintenance


    What does IT Managed Services mean?

    IT Managed Services describes a continuing service, for example a monthly recurring contract, that handles the management of a business’s IT setup. This could include overseeing their infrastructureuser support and telecommunications and is typically outsourced to a Managed Services Provider. 

    It is a much wider service than just an IT Support contract; and includes taking care of all of a company’s technology and operational structure that makes up that organisations IT. Think of having someone take on your IT Managed Services as like having an IT department that is external to your business. The benefit of this is you get access to their technical expertise and team, who are always learning and evolving their skills. However, with an MSP rather than an internal department – you get it all for a monthly fee and without the overheads of recruiting and maintaining a team internally. 

    IT Managed Services are usually handled by a professional provider, like TechQuarters, and are agreed upon with an official contract or service agreement. With TechQuarters, part of this agreement means you get a dedicated Account Manager, who will liaise between the tech team and the organisation on a regular basis. Some examples of solutions or services that will be handled by the Managed Service Provider, include Outsourced IT SupportBackupHosted Servers, and Cyber Security. 

    What makes a good Managed Services Provider?

    1. A good managed service provider will have an option for 24/7 network monitoring or support – preferably like we do! You may not work 24 hours a day, but your network does and our proactive networking monitoring systems are always on the look out for unusual activity so if anything goes wrong we can fix it before it becomes an issue. 
    2. A great gauge of the quality of a Managed Services Provider is whether they offer any strategy planning as part of their service. Our Account Managers offer our customers ‘Cloud Roadmap’ documents, where our team look at a 3-year strategy for your IT based on your current setup and goals. This gets assessed every year to keep it in line with your business. 
    3. Another key indictor is a good Managed Services Provider is how quickly they respond to you, and in what manner. Our helpdesk line goes directly through to a team of engineers, so you don’t have to log or call or ticket to get through to someone. They are also targeted on not just timing, but customer service – so will work with you till the issue is completed, not just rush you off the phone to get it closed. 

    What is the definition of an MSP Service?

    An MSP (Managed Service Provider) service is a solution that provides recurring support or administration of a customer’s IT infrastructure. This can include their networks, applications, security, and every day ongoing support of user’s devices. The phrase MSP service was mainly used to describe infrastructure or hardware-focused types of solutions, although now it has widened to cover more ongoing services that include any form of recurring management and support. It is different to a purely IT Support company, as they will have a wider range of services and team of highly skilled Cloud Architects who can help with more than day to day user device issues. 

    An MSP service portfolio may include the IT company’s own developed services, such as an IT Support London solution, as well as third party services, such as Azure Cloud Hosting or Azure support. Pure-play Managed Service Providers often specialise in one third party’s technology, such as we do with Microsoft. Although we do implement other vendors technology, our primary relationship is with Microsoft as a Gold Cloud Partner. A lot of our MSP service offerings are built around their technology, such as continuing support for their telephony solution or Enterprise Mobility + Security. 

    Benefits of Remote Managed IT Services

    Remote managed services providers have been around for decades and in the last few have evolved to become highly specialised suppliers. This may be due to businesses now recognising how essential well-managed IT infrastructure, security and user device support is. So, what are some of the benefits of engaging with a Remote Managed IT Services provider? 

    Access to an on-demand helpdesk team and expertise 

    It’s very hard for one individual to remain an expert in a certain field, whilst doing day to day fixes and keeping up with rapidly changing technology. A remote Managed IT Services provider gives you access to a whole IT department of all different skill levels, who are constantly experiencing new issues and advances – the knowledge of which they can use to improve your setup. 

    Business Continuity and safety 

    remote Managed IT Services provider is not just an IT Support helpdesk. They will have several departments and engineers who specialise in backup, security, and Disaster Recovery. So, you are not just getting help with day to day issues, but an MSP can help ensure you’re protected against the unthinkable – like entire network failure or hacks. Again, something that would be a lot harder for a single individual to handle alone. 

    Improved management and lower costs 

    Remote Managed IT Services providers tend to cost a less than employing an internal IT department, compared to what you are getting access to. We offer our services at a fixed monthly fee with no hidden costs. Plus, as a Cloud Hosting focused partner, can help you utilise the cloud, so you only pay for the storage you need – rather than large on-premise servers with space ‘just in case’. 


    Different types of Managed IT Services for businesses

    When looking into Managed Service Providers, it is important to remember they are more than just an IT Support Company. Most MSP’s will have a plethora of services they offer; however, it is important to remember not all of them will have these. These are our personal top 5 Managed IT Services for Businesses 

    IT Support 

    Top of our Managed IT Services for Businesses is IT Support. This consists of a monthly contract for a fixed fee and can cover anything from a full IT Support service to bounce out IT Manager Support. 

    Cloud Hosting 

    Our Cloud Hosting platform of choice is Microsoft Azure. Your company data and applications can be transferred to the Azure Cloud, helping you save money long term and benefit from flexible working. 

    Microsoft 365 

    This is what we call ‘business in a box’. It’s a Microsoft package that can get your email, storage, communication, collaboration, and security all in one. We are experts in implementing this software. 

    Project Consultancy 

    It’s vital when it comes to Managed IT Services for Businesses is that your provider has an expert Projects Team. Examples include Cloud Migrations, Security setups and Telephony implementations. 

    IT Security 

    We offer a range of solutions around security, from network audits to implementing certain software’s such as Windows Defender ATP or Enterprise Mobility + Security. 


    We are the perfect choice for Managed IT Services for Small Business

    Why do small businesses need Managed IT Services? We know that, as a small business you need to prioritise building your business. This means focusing on your company goals and managing the bottom-line expenses of the company.

    IT is a fundamental aspect of all businesses in the modern era, however it can also be costly. This is why Managed IT Services for small business is the perfect solution; it ensures your employees are always supported, and your business as a whole is kept abreast of all the latest technology – and all without breaking the bank.

    But what is included in Managed IT Services for small business? A managed IT service provider like TechQuarters can oversee your network security, and help with risk mitigation; we can provide 24/7 network monitoring, and regular testing; we also provide data storage, backup services, and disaster recovery services. We can also manage installations and upgrades for your users’ hardware. These are just a few of the services we provide to our customers.

    How much do Managed IT Services for small business cost? The important thing to know about our service is that we charge a fixed monthly fee. This is because we know how important it is to be able to budget for the future, and knowing that your expenses are fixed for the foreseeable future is very useful for small businesses.

    If you are interested in a quote, do not hesitate to contact us.


    We deliver Managed IT Services to UK Businesses

    What are Managed IT Services? This is an ongoing service that oversees the entirety of your business’ IT infrastructure – this includes the management of all data and network communication operations. Partnering with an MSP such as TechQuarters is the best way for a business to gain access a vast pool of IT expertise without breaking your budget.

    But what is included in Managed IT Services? TechQuarters can oversee your network and data operation, security & risk mitigation – this involves 24/7 monitoring with alerts that go straight to our IT helpdesk managers. We also provide data storage, backup & disaster recovery services. We deliver these, and many more services, against service levels.

    We also provide installation and upgrade services for your hardware; and we offer ongoing proactive technology advice, to keep you abreast of what kind of technology may benefit your business.

    How much do Managed IT Services cost? At TechQuarters, we know that every business wants to be able to budget for the future; which is why we charge our services at a fixed monthly fee. Our fixed-price model and service level commitments are what make our Managed IT Services so highly regarded.

    If you are interested in a quote for our services, please contact us via phone or email.


    We are an award-winning Managed Service Provider

     How does a Managed Service Provider (MSP) work? We deliver ongoing support and management of our customer’s IT infrastructure – this may involve network monitoring, application deployment, security, and endpoint management and support. An MSP would traditionally look after infrastructure and other hardware-based solutions within your business – such as telephony solutions; however many MSPs, including TechQuarters, now cover most forms of ongoing management and support, such as software licensing, Cloud Hosting, and even training.

    What is the different between a Managed Service Provider and an IT Support provider? The broad difference is that, with IT support, it is generally assumed that you the customer already possess the software and hardware that require support. With Managed Services, however, you can receive IT support as well as being able to acquire software licenses and hardware from the Managed Service Provider – it is essentially a more comprehensive version of IT support. Both Managed Services and a good IT Support service tend to work on a proactive support model. For example, at TechQuarters we would apply 24/7 monitoring to your networks for potential IT issues and, with a system of triggers and alerts, automatically the log cases before you have noticed any effects.


    What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

    Managed IT Services are a comprehensive array of services that primarily involve the support, administration management of your IT infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to, software licensing, the provision of hardware (such as telephony solutions), cloud hosting, proactive IT support, and security. One of the Benefits of Managed IT Services is that a provider tend to also specialise in the technology of a third-party provider – and they can often provide that technology to the customer at preferential rates. At TechQuarters, we a Microsoft Gold Partner – however we implement certain technologies from other vendors.

    So, what are some Benefits of Managed IT Services over IT Support, for example? To start with, IT support Managed IT Services is a comprehensive solution for businesses wanting software, hardware, and IT support. At TechQuarters, for example, we offer licensing for Microsoft 365 – a business-in-a-box suite of applications; as well as Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    All our customers can enjoy the Benefits of Managed IT Services. If you are interested in learning more, do not hesitate to give us a call or email. We’re here to help.


    We provide both Managed IT Services and Support for your Business

    Managed IT Services and Support is a complete solution for businesses looking for technology administration, management and support. This may include some or all of the following: software licensing, the provision of hardware (such as telephony or print services), cloud hosting, security, and IT support.

    TechQuarters can provide you with all these services and more. We are a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and an award-winning partner. This means we can offer you all of Microsoft’s licenses at preferential rates – including Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365. The other side of our business is our award-winning, proactive IT support service. We offer a range of deals, starting with our Full IT Support services – which comprises of unlimited calls and callouts, 24/7 server monitoring, network monitoring, technical account management, and project services at preferential rates. We are committed to the highest standards when it comes to our IT support. Our Managed IT Services and Support together form a comprehensive solution that guarantees your business tech infrastructure resilience and consistency.

    If you are interested in Managed IT Services and Support, do not hesitate to contact us. We can definitely help you.


    Managed Services IT Support that your business needs

    Managing a business is hard enough without having to worry about all the IT hassles you have to deal with. You want someone who can take those worries off your mind. If you are looking for a Managed Services IT Support Company to look after all of your IT needs you have come to the right place. Whether you are needing an IT Support Company that can handle your firewalls, your backups, or your complete IT system – a Managed Services IT Support Company can do that for you.

    Our Managed Services IT Support is created in order to provide your business with a strong competitive advantage through a specially tailored IT solution for you. When doing so the following things are taken into consideration: your unique business model, what challenges your business faces, what your business objectives are and what budget you are able to afford. Are you looking for Managed Services IT support? We have the IT Support experience and knowledge to take your business to the next level.

    If you are wanting Managed Services IT Support and Consultancy, we can help you by putting together a crafted strategic plan based on your business model. We will take your technology needs and turn them into goals that are achievable for a manageable and fixed monthly cost.


    A Managed Service IT Solution that fits your business

    If you are needing a Managed Service IT Company that will suit your business needs, we have the ideal IT Support offering for you. Did you know that over two thirds of companies are using outsourced IT Support Services? Taking control of your businesses IT systems and digital transformation is crucial to a business surviving in this day and age. With mass remote working the transition to newer and better performing IT operations and systems has led companies to outsource this work to a trusted Managed Service IT Company to take control of this huge task.

    There are some incredibly important aspects that a Managed Service IT Support Company will take care of and provide for you as a customer. They will provide support in ways such as having quick remote IT helpdesk support, with technicians and engineers who have expert knowledge. A great Managed Service IT Company will support your many issues from the common Office issues to complex hardware issues. These calls are usually fixed over the phone – its quick and reliable IT Support that you can trust. The proactive fixes and suggestions that your IT Support Company will provide you with are invaluable and can propel your business to the next level!


    Deciding between IT Support and Managed Services for your Business

    There are several differences to consider when deciding between IT Support and Managed Services. The needs of your business will be the main deciding factors, do you want someone in house? Are you after a monthly contract that gives you access to a reliable helpdesk at the call of a number? Or are you looking more for a partnership or external IT department that can help you with strategy, cloud hosting, backup, and all other aspects of you IT? 

    Here are a couple of things to think about when deciding between IT Support and Managed Services for your business: 


    Are you a business that needs someone available 24/7? In this case, and in-house IT personnel may not be the right fit, whereas outsourced IT Support and Managed Services may be more suited to your needs. 

    Proactive Monitoring

    Inhouse IT tends to be more reactive than proactive, whereas at TechQuarters both our IT Support and Managed Services solutions have proactive monitoring built into them – so we know about issues before they become issues! 

    IT Security

    IT Security recommendations may not be part of a traditional IT Support service offering, whereas a Managed IT Services provider will have lots of solutions and offerings that can help you with your cyber security. 

    Providing the Trusted IT Services London Needs

    Businesses around the UK benefit from having a supportive and reliable IT Service on hand to address any needs they may have. IT Support encompasses many different things – office relocations, mailbox migrations, data storage solutions, anti-virus protection, licensing and hardware purchases – the list goes on and on. You can image what a headache it can be for businesses to manage their own IT, which is exactly why we make sure we provide the right IT Services London businesses can depend on.

    As a trusted provider of IT Support, we take into consideration your business and its unique goals when selecting the right IT Service Solution for you. The highly skilled technical team at TechQuarters have expert knowledge about systems, hardware, licensing, and software that will benefit your business. Our main objective is to take away any IT stresses you may have been dealing with and let you focus on growing your business. With our remote IT Services London businesses love – your employees will be able to work from anywhere! We have a dedicated, 24-hour support team on hand to deal with any queries, questions, or problems they may have. Give us a call to see how we can elevate and upgrade your IT Systems today.


    IT Managed Services London Businesses Can Depend On

    A Managed Service Provider, or MSP for short, is an organization who remotely managed and maintains your entire business IT infrastructure including hardware, software, and anything in between. IT Managed Services London businesses need encompasses elements such as full remote IT Support, providing strategic Business IT Solutions, backing up your data, consultancy on your network and how to improve it, and so much more. One thing you need to be certain of is that your IT Support Partner will be able to streamline your IT Systems in such a way that it will fuel your business growth and bring even more development opportunities to your attention.

    For businesses located in the United Kingdom, specifically across the Greater London, Central London, and South London regions – finding the right London-based Managed IT Services Provider is crucial. You need an IT Support Partner who has specialist Modern Workplace knowledge and knows when to make recommendations to your IT System to enhance your overall business performance. When looking at the particular IT Managed Services London businesses are searching for, providing remote assistance is at the top of their list. Because IT Support is something that can be provided from anywhere, provided your partner has a qualified team of technicians on hand.


    Top-Level Managed Service Providers London Companies Make Use Of

    Businesses in London are in need of trusted, top-level Managed Service Providers who will maintain and manage their entire IT Infrastructure and hardware needs daily. As one of the top Managed Service Providers London businesses have been using for years, TechQuarters understands the intricacies of IT Support and know precisely what is needed in order to support a business and manage their IT Infrastructure. One of our most-loved services is our 24-hour Support Helpdesk which is available to all customers – our technicians are highly qualified and know what they’re doing.

    We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and fix times – we save our customers hours and hours of downtime, they’re never left waiting for help and usually have their support tickets logged, assessed, and fixed on the same day.  Any good UK-located businesses would prefer using Managed Service Providers London companies have worked with and had success with – and with our award-winning status we are certainly able to deliver on our promises. Our Remote IT Services are completely flexible, and we are able to provide technical support to your staff no matter where they are working from, be that in the office or remotely from home. Get in touch with us to see how we can help take your IT Management to the next level.


    Finding the Ideal IT Services in London

    As a business owner, finding the right IT Service Provider is crucial to helping your organization grow. If your business is located in busy business-centric city, just like London, then you will know just how important it is to have a partner who will provide fast and efficient IT Services in London that you can trust. As an award-winning IT Support Provider, TechQuarters knows what goes into world-class IT Support. We are able to offer a whole range of IT Support Services for businesses of any sized based in London or the United Kingdom. From assisting you with IT support tickets, upgrading your IT infrastructure, and handling all of your licensing needs – we take care of it all for you.

    As a business-owner, the last worry that you should have to deal with is an issue with your IT or systems. This is exactly why organizations turn to trusted providers of IT Services in London to manage and maintain their entire IT System. One of the greatest benefits we offer is our remote-based assistance – this means that no matter where your business is located or where your staff are working from, we can help you and fix any problems you may have. Get in touch today and let’s see how we can help improve your IT System and take your business to the next level.



    Working with a MSP: With and without an internal IT Team

    For organisations without an IT team, it’s like you have a remote technical department. You also get access to a dedicate Account Manager whose role is to review your setup and make recommendations, while you focus on growing your business.

    For organisations with an IT team, it’s like you have a more extensive department with access to specialist knowledge on solutions like Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop, and the Microsoft Special Services Helpdesk – another benefit of working with a Gold Partner.

    Lastly, engaging an MSP negates the need for organisation and admin around holidays and sick leave for an IT team as you always have a backup.


    What Managed Security Services do MSP’s provide?

    There are several ways an MSP like TechQuarters can help organisations with their security and few are listed below:

    • Security Assessment
    • Cyber Essentials Accreditation
    • ISO 27001 Accreditation
    • E3 and E5 Security
    • GDPR
    • End user security training

    For an in-depth review of what we can help you with, contact us today.


    The Ideal Managed IT Services Partner

    TechQuarters have been providing award-winning IT Support Solutions and Services in and around the London area for over 10 years now. As a Tier 1, Gold Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solution Partner, we understand what goes into providing world-class IT Support and Managed IT Services that any business can truly depend on. 24-hour support, highly skilled technicians and engineers, 3-year Cloud Strategy Plan, and detailed monthly reports on how your support is performing – these are just a few of the services you’ll get when placing your IT Support with us.

    Our Managed IT Services go beyond just what is required – we provide a service that will make a noticeable improvement in the ways your teams work and collaborate with one another by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT systems as a whole. If you need an IT Support Partner who will give your business the specialised Managed IT Services and Solutions that it can depend on to make a genuine difference, then we can help you. Our teams have the knowledge and experience to support the SMB market in the UK and London area – give us a call if you would like to find out more.