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Today we’re going to talk to one of our engineers – Sam! She’s one of our highly experienced helpdesk engineers who’s been with us for 2 years. Sam is a first line IT Support engineer who deals with our lower priority technical issues. We thought it would be beneficial to ask Sam a few questions on what it’s like working here and the vital role she plays at TechQuarters.

What’s a normal day like at TechQuarters being an IT Support Engineer?

‘’A normal day at TechQuarters is pretty fast paced, every day is different which keeps it exciting. My mornings are lot busier that the afternoons usually because most of our clients are getting in to work and coincidentally find their technology not working. So, we usually get high call volume in the morning from multiple clients.”

Can you give us an example of a typical interaction? “Sure – a call comes through; I pick it up and investigate what the issue is. I figure out the best possible way to solve the issue without taking too much time and maintaining constant communication with client, so they are up to date. However, if it is an issue that requires more time and is high priority, I escalate the case to my seniors.

All I need to do is enter all the details and information into our call logging system so that the next IT Support engineer who deals with the client can help without having to ask the same questions again. I make a conscious effort to get to know my clients, understand their sector because a priority for a finance company won’t be the same priority for a recruitment company. It helps me to understand what they value, what their expectations are of me so I can provide them with the best service.”

How you find the new call logging system?

“Since we’ve implemented our new call logging system, it’s helped the way we all communicate as a team and streamlined our processes. The team can track past and current cases, it’s easier to reference client information, escalate cases and see our own individual progress when dealing with calls – for example how many cases we have all individually resolved.

We also have feedback from our clients on how we’ve dealt with their cases which is super helpful. We’re always looking for ways to improve. It’s a great centralised system which is easy to use and makes my life easier for an IT Support engineer.”

What training opportunities are available?

“The training opportunities are great here; I remember being extremely nervous taking calls in the beginning and now I have the confidence to talk to clients and help them in the best way possible. This is because of the training I received from senior management and Microsoft. Over the years, the training opportunities here have helped develop my confidence, my ability to fix technical issues and how to deal with clients the best way.”

Reliable IT Support at TechQuarters

So that was an insight into our culture and a typical day for a first line IT Support engineer here at TechQuarters. We have a team full of friendly, happy to help IT Support engineers who are experienced, know what they are talking about and are super speedy, fixing 70% of all calls in 30 minutes – which is incredible. Our engineers enjoy working here and are happy to help users with their IT Support issues. We have many engineers like Sam who are confident in their skills and great at what they do. If you would like to know more about our reliable IT support service, get in touch.