Do you feel like you’re business is being affected by the lack of proactive advice from your IT provider? In this short video, we go through how proactive advice can help you and how it should be presented. Watch or read the transcript below.

Do you feel you’re getting left behind your competition because your IT partner is not recommending the right proactive technology that you can use in your organisation?

Technology that can benefit you, make you more productive:

  • You can start collaborating better
  • Communicating in a better fashion
  • Lend itself to working from home scenarios.

All these solutions should be talked through with you on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is called a Quarterly Business Review and that should be included in your dedicated Account management meetings that are part of your IT support service.


What else does a typical Account Management meeting involve?

Most business owners don’t have the time to research and test the latest products and that how we can help with our proactive tech recommendations. We work out on how we can solve these issues long term, not just continue with temporary fixes, without you having to do all the work for it.

A typical account management meeting will involve:

  • Service reports
  • Ongoing projects
  • Handle customer service queries
  • Look at the company’s 3-year cloud road map
  • Update current technology

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