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Office 365 VIP Sessions

Are you struggling to find time for Directors and higher-ranking team members to do some IT training? Are the busy schedules of your C-level staff getting in the way of providing them with valuable IT e-learning opportunities for Office 365?

 At TechQuarters, we understand how difficult it can be to get your VIP business members booked in for an e-learning or training session. We run private VIP session, over Skype or Teams, with selected users, ensuring they get the training they need on your new Office 365 setup.

 Our Office 365 VIP Sessions include

  • One-on-one private sessions
  • Focused schedule and plan
  • Efficient online sessions
  • Only selected users included
  • Tailored content to roles and work life
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Getting your teams to do the necessary training for Office 365 or other IT needs is hard enough. When it comes to CEO’s, Directors, and such it can be even trickier.

We know that as an IT Manager, it can be tough to set time aside in your CEO or CFO’s diaries and have them commit to completing and online IT course or watching a training video. This is exactly why we have developed practical and convenient Office 365 VIP Sessions – they’re quick, private, to the point, and entirely customised.

 We can run private VIP sessions over Skype or Teams, with selected users, to ensure they get the training they need on your new Office 365 setup. We can time it around the user’s diary and tailor the content to their role and work life, so they get the most effective session for them – making it worth their while. We understand that their time is very valuable, so you want to give them the most efficient session possible.

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We know how to condense, customise, and present the necessary training within a session – your VIP business members do not have time to run through application tips and tricks that do not make an impact on their daily workings.

We take the time to understand what it is exactly that needs to be addressed, how it is currently being handled, and take the time to plan a comprehensive yet quick training session that can be hosted remotely and at the convenience of your VIP members.