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Office 365 Video Learning

Office 365 Video Learning

Have you invested in Microsoft 365, but are concerned your users need more training? Are you concerned that you’re not getting the most out of your Office 365 package? Could your teams benefit from additional Office 365 Video Learning options?

At TechQuarters, our unique Cloud Academy provides hours and hours of training for Office 365 Video Learning needs. With our cost-effective e-learning, you can train up your users and prove the ROI of your Office 365 implementation. Our modern web app contains thousands of 15 second videos that show users how to use all the products in Office 365 in the most efficient way.

365 Cloud Academy Subscription includes: 

  • Unlimited access to Cloud Academy videos
  • Branded site with your company logo
  • Same sign on with your Office 365 account
  • Web application contains:
  • 1000’s of Hints & Tips
  • 10-15 second ‘How to’ videos on Office 365
  • Recommended ‘Top Tip’ playlists for each product
  • Playlist Accessibility features 
  • Top user dashboards with number of videos watched
  • Ranking and badges for watching amounts of content
  • Top video dashboard for most watched videos
  • Feedback button for requesting content
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If your business is using the Microsoft Office 365 package but you aren’t sure if your teams are getting the most from their applications – we can help. Having the latest technology and systems are only beneficial if your users are embracing and using them in the right ways.

We are incredibly proud of Cloud Academy – it is uniquely designed for each of our customers and has made a huge impact in terms of their efficiency and productivity levels. Each Microsoft Office 365 product has a playlist dedicated to providing your users with the top tips for that workload. So, you know all users are getting a uniform and high-level overview. Plus, users can go back and re-watch videos as many times as they like, simply by searching for the item they’re having trouble with.

This also means that our Office 365 Video Learning is an ongoing practice – its not limited to a one-time call or session. Your teams will have access to thousands of videos to help them train themselves and learn new skills or tricks to use in their everyday workings. A subscription to our 365 Cloud Academy is one of the most useful things your teams could have available to them.

Our training videos focus on your business – what tools you use daily, how those tools or applications could be improved upon, and so on. If your teams could do with a bit of additional, always available, support in terms of quick training sessions – speak to us, we would love to help you!

Speak to us about our 365 Cloud Academy and Office 365 Video Learning

At TechQuarters, our uniquely developed 365 Cloud Academy is a portal of knowledge that our clients depend on. It is so easy to use, and our training and tutorial videos are short, informative, and most of all, helpful!

Not only does our Office 365 Video Learning Tool provide a complete and comprehensive training overview – our support team are on-hand at all times of the day to ensure your teams have the help they need, no matter what. If you are struggling to get the most out of your current Office 365 subscription and know that there is more you can be doing, get in touch with us and let’s see how we can help you.

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