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Office 365 Classroom Training

Are you struggling to get the answers your teams need from online or virtual training options? Are your teams asking for a real-life IT Support technician to help them with problems or questions they experience using Office 365 applications?

Sometimes, you just need someone to stand next to you and see exactly what you see when it comes to IT issues. We get that! At TechQuarters, we have developed Office 365 Classroom Training whereby we setup half or full day training sessions with your teams to help get down to the bottom of their questions.

Our Office 365 Classroom Training includes: 

  • Half or full day sessions
  • Dedicated training on specific worries
  • Qualified training manager
  • Full schedule breakdown
  • Specific catering for unique problems or questions
  • Any other additional support
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We understand that for some IT problems or questions, you really do need someone to be standing by your side to get the full understanding of what is going wrong or causing you a problem. This kind of issue was being brought up more frequently, especially with all the changes and advancements in technology over the last few years.

Therefore, at TechQuarters, we developed specialist Office 365 Classroom Training Sessions to help our clients with this exact problem. We offer either full or half day training sessions, depending on how much or how little time is needed, and visit your offices or premises for a good old-fashioned in-house training or help session.

Some of the items that could be covered or included are things such as running through the most relevant products that your business could be utilising or making suggestions to improve the way in which some of your teams might be using certain applications. It really is up to you and what your teams are needing help with!

Speak to us about our Office 365 Classroom Training

At TechQuarters, we want to help your business and make sure your IT Infrastructure is doing all it possibly can to benefit your bottom line. This is why we provide top-tier Training Services that include and take into consideration all kinds of ways in which people like to learn and engage with content.

So, if online learning, or video tutorials aren’t working for your current teams – give us a call and lets see how Classroom Training could be the perfect answer.