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Microsoft Teams Training

Are you worried that your users aren’t sure how to work more efficiently in a remote working environment? Are you concerned that your users aren’t making use of all Microsoft Teams’ features and abilities?

Our Microsoft Teams Training offer easy to understand guides and training so that your users can get the most from Microsoft Teams. If you’ve started using Microsoft Teams more often and are worried if your users are getting the full benefits of this powerful application – we can help.

Our Teams Training Solutions includes:

  • Unlimited access to portal of Teams videos
  • Searchable e-learning content
  • Dedicated Teams playlists
  • Regularly updated based on new releases and features
  • Same sign-on as your Microsoft 365 account
  • Inclusively designed
Microsoft Teams Training

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In a time when home working and hybrid offices is more prevalent than ever, Microsoft Teams has proved to be an invaluable tool for many. At TechQuarters, it serves as our primary channel of internal communication. Teams is an ideal solution for communication and collaboration in a home working setup, but it’s important that users know how to navigate it and access all the features they need for work – you definitely don’t want people spending time on search engines, looking for answers on how to use Teams!

Here at TechQuarters, we offer Microsoft Teams Training services to all customers. It is based on our online training platform – the 365 Cloud Academy – which contains thousands of tutorial videos, all edited in an accessibility-friendly style, and ranging from 15-seconds to 2-minutes long.

We started the 365 Cloud Academy with the goal of providing users with bite-sized learning content that cuts straight to the information they need. Each video takes the users, step-by-step, through the process of completely a specific command or action. Our Microsoft Teams Training service comprises of a range of dedicated, searchable playlists covering all the essential commands and functions of Teams, as well as some useful tips and tricks.

Why choose TechQuarters’ Microsoft Teams Training service?

TechQuarters are a Microsoft Gold Partner, not only does this mean we highly trusted by Microsoft and our customers, but it means that we are using all the software that we make learning content on. We have an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Teams, as well as real working scenarios and use-cases that our customers can learn from. We are also highly committed to accessibility at TechQuarters. A few years ago we overhauled all the videos in 365 Cloud Academy, updating them to be fully accessible with audio description, and subtitles on every video. We are committed to making our learning content inclusive of users of all ability. We are an accredited Office 365 company – we are actually one of the top Office 365 Companies in the whole of the United Kingdom.

At TechQuarters, our close relationship with Microsoft allows us to be one of the best Office 365 Provider in the UK, our Microsoft Office 365 Provider Services are tailored to the unique needs of your business and what goals and targets you are personally aiming for. If you are looking for an IT Support Partner who can provide you with a dedicated Office 365 Migration Consultant who will be a dedicated and professional Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider – then we are thepartner for you – speak to us about our Office 365 Managed Services to find out more.  

If you are interested in our Microsoft Teams Training service, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss the needs of your organisation, without any obligation.


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If your business needs specific location-based support, we can help too – if you need solutions that cover IT Support Brighton businesses need or IT Support Colchester or IT Support Liverpool Solutions for businesses located in these areas – or maybe you’re looking for IT Support Hampshire Solutions or IT Support Ipswich or IT Support Leicester Solutions, we can help you. 

Feel free to speak with us about what we can make possible for your organisation.