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Are you concerned that your teams aren’t getting the right IT training they need? Could your users do with better training modules that are tailored to your specific user needs and grievances? Would your in-house IT Team benefit from specialised IT training services?

At TechQuarters, our Training Services are guaranteed to help your users get the absolute most out of their technology and applications. Our e-learning for Office 365 is user-friendly and can be tailored for your individual IT concerns. Our technical teams can offer specialized support too, for more complicated platform or systems training needs.

TechQuarters Training Services cover:

Training Services

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If your teams need assistance with regards to training, TechQuarters are qualified to help. We are a Tier-1 Microsoft Gold Partner and have been providing the training that business need in terms of their IT, Office 365, Windows, Microsoft, and other training needs.

We offer Training Services in the form of online learning tutorials as well as providing online learning events, workshops, or even inductions for your teams. Because we know and understand the Microsoft product so thoroughly, we understand the best ways to implement and use them too to increase your business efficiency and your overall IT Infrastructure.

If you have users needing specific help in certain areas, whether that be using an Office 365 application or running a meeting on Teams, our technical support teams can help.

If your business is in need of some more serious training, say you find you’re needing to update your Azure hosting structures – our experienced technicians have the knowledge to give your teams specialised training for these kinds of situations, too.

If you’re business could do with additional technology and application support or training – we can most definitely help. Give us a call and let’s see if our Training Services could help elevate your business and take it to the next level.


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At TechQuarters, our technical teams and staff are qualified with the most up-to-date certifications and guidance modules for all Microsoft’s applications and systems. As a Tier-1 Microsoft Partner, it is only right that we know all there is to know about the apps and their uses to best suit our customer’s unique business needs. We offer training across a wide variety of industries – from IT Support for Schools to IT Support for Colleges and IT Support for Charites – we know how to provide the specialised and unique support you need.  No matter your sector or industry, we can help – if you need IT Support for Asset Management or Media IT Support or IT Support Printing Companies need, our teams are equipped and experienced to help you!

From finance to retail, marketing to recruitment – no matter the business you find yourself in, our Training Services are here to support your teams and help them feel empowered to take on their tasks with ease and use their applications in the best ways possible.