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In this video of a series around IT Support, our CEO and Founder, Chris, talks about what IT Support service levels and type of priorities of cases you typically should be getting from a support service; as well as what commitment you should be looking for from your provider. Watch the video or else read the transcription below that. If you have any questions about our support service, our contact details are below as well.
When you outsource your IT support function to a local IT provider, what you’re really looking for is contractual commitment to service levels.

So what are the service levels and what do they look like? Typically when you log cases on a support helpdesk they prioritise the cases. So Priority 1 would be relating to anything where a group of users are affected or the whole organisation has some downtime. That could be as simple as the internet stops working.

Priority 2 would be a single desktop issue but it’s a critical desktop so maybe its a VIP in your organisation or maybe your Marketing people are putting a presentation together and that’s time critical to present that presentation, so the desktop has to be working.

Priority 3 is a single-desktop user issue but not so critical, something that’s stopped working but can be fixed in a few days time as it doesn’t give the user any downtime.

So those are your priority levels. The other thing you want to look out for is a target against those service levels. So typically you would be looking for a 90 per cent target. So 9 times out of 10 those service levels will be hit every time. And that’s it really – service levels drawn up into your contract and some commitment from your IT partner to deliver to those.