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When you partner with TechQuarters, it’s not just about us providing your IT support in London. Our partnerships are based on a foundation of proactive care and support – we don’t just fix your problems, we anticipate them, and implement the right technology to ensure your IT infrastructure is protected and monitored.

IT Support in London: Logging Issues in IT Case Management System

You’re experiencing connectivity problems, so your first port of call is contacting the Operations Director. But your OD has already been contacted by us – It turns out your office internet line has been down for 10 minutes. We’ve already logged it in our case management system, we’ve got an engineer handling the ticket, and we’ll send updates whenever things change.

This type of issue could happen at any time, which is why 24/7 monitoring is such a key IT Support in London service. There are a thousand different things that can be monitored in your network; has your network backup worked? Has your server capacity fallen below 10 per cent? With these baselines set, we can set up triggers to alert us to issues that require a call log. This is just one of the ways we employ proactive practices in our IT support in London.

IT Support in London: 24 Hour IT Help Desk Support

You’ve logged an IT Support in London case with an engineer at 5.20pm. Steve, the engineer, started working on it, but wasn’t able to fix it before the end of the working day; and as it happens, Steve is on holiday the next day! You may be concerned that you’ll have to relive all this the next morning; but Steve has logged your IT Support case in the company’s system, with notes detailing your initial problem, what he learned from investigating, and what solutions he tried applying.

First thing in the morning, the IT Support in London Manager checks queues for calls leftover from the previous day. They check the notes attached, and assign it to a new engineer, making sure they are briefed on everything that’s happened so far. Today, Hassan is one of the engineers on the IT support helpdesk – he has experience dealing with similar issues, and so he gets a full briefing and is assigned to your case. The first thing Hassan does is contact you to say that he’s taking over – with a good IT support in London helpdesk, you will never have to chase them up for updates.

IT Support in London: Fix Times & Solving IT Support Issues

Early one morning, Sheila – a real estate agent, runs into an IT support issue. Right away she logs the case with the IT Support in London helpdesk. Daniel, from the helpdesk, contacts her and Daniel quickly figures that this problem will need pushing up to the second line of the helpdesk – Sheila’s machine will be out of action for a while. As an estate agent, Sheila uses specialist applications and a lot of her work is time-critical, meaning if she can’t access her machine, business might be lost.

In situations like these, the easiest way the business can avoid downtime for Sheila is to have a backup device for when an employee’s regular machine experiences technical issues – this might be known as the swap-out laptop / PC. The laptop is configured to a base-build for the team Sheila is in at work and every team members’ profile is backed up in the Microsoft Cloud, allowing engineers to download them onto a compatible device. Daniel remotes onto the swap-out device to download Sheila’s profile, allowing her to log into her profile and get on with work – in total she only experience 15 minutes of downtime thanks to her IT Support in London company.

IT Support in London: Customised IT Case Management Systems

It is very important in IT Support in London to have a Case Management System that is shared across all engineers; and which has customisability:

Anne calls up the helpdesk about a problem with her Outlook – it isn’t syncing or responding. Richard, the engineer, logs the call and investigates the issue with Anne over the phone. There is a mobile and desktop application for the helpdesk’s Case Management System, where calls are logged. By creating this log, it becomes very easy to search cases. Moreover, when recurrent IT Support in London issues arise an engineer can search for tags on that issue and may reduce the amount of investigation required.

In this case, Anne’s call is logged with all the notes Richard took as well as the tag: ‘outlook not responding’. Everyone who uses the case management system can see this – including the field IT Support in London engineer. Ultimately, Richard is able to help Anne fix the problem herself. The field engineer can also track all the notes and diagnoses that have already been undertaken; and be ready to turn up with new solutions of the problem persists.

IT Support in London: Field IT Support Services

Michael, the Field IT Support Engineer was dispatched to perform a callout, another typical IT Support in London issue. The callout was to install new laptop for a VIP user – Ian, the Operations Director for a large customer. When Michael got there, he installed a new HP laptop for the Ops Director.

Ian is delighted with the new machine – it’s much faster, everything is where it should be on his profile, and it was all setup within 20 minutes. Michael suggests to Ian that they go through some IT Support navigation training for the new laptop – how to access the settings instantly, how to open and close apps using shortcuts, etc. This extra mile of service can help customers like Ian ease into new technology, as well as increase their overall fluency with the tech.

When IT Support in London company’s are going to sites regularly, they will become familiar with its layout and it should be no trouble to investigate any other issues that happen to be occurring on-site at the same time; why wait for them to have their call logged with the helpdesk? It’s that extra level of service that make our customers feel like they’re our only clients.

IT Support in London: Fixed Price IT Support Solutions

Fixed-price IT Support in London Services are highly attractive for many reasons, and for businesses who have taken hits in the last year due to Covid-19, it can be very useful for re-growth.

Frank is the Finance Director of an engineering company. Over the past year the company has been forced to downsize. Of the core staff, most of the company employees are working daily on PCs and other devices, and Carl, their CEO, has growing concerns over their IT systems’ reliability.

They need to place more reliability into their current IT systems – they’re still hesitant at investing in costly upgrades, but they definitely don’t want their current tech to fail – making them unable to fulfil orders. Frank the Finance Director and Carl the CEO, found the perfect solution to their IT concerns: Fixed-price IT Support in London. Frank loves that he can now budget their IT expenses in the long-term, and Carl loves the guarantee their new IT provider is making with their fixed-price helpdesk and callout model. Essentially, they get a thousand calls for the price of one, thus placing the onus on their IT Support in London company to solve cases quickly and definitively.