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Here’s a typical scenario of what might be going on in your organisation, and why you might want to consider TechQuarters for your IT Support.

  1. You have decided to upgrade your IT infrastructure. Perhaps your files are sitting on an old server in the corner of the room and it needs updating. Perhaps you have heard about the Microsoft Cloud and all their latest applications to help speed up your business, such as Teams.
  2. You have decided to move your organisation to the Microsoft Cloud because you want a cost saving on upgrading your systems but more importantly, you see that as the way to go from an IT Strategy perspective.
  3. You want access to all their key applications such as Office, Microsoft Teams for communication, OneDrive, SharePoint, Email etc.
  4. You need a partner to help you with the migration and implementation.


  1. If you engage us to perform the migration of your organisation to the cloud, we start with an assessment period and show you all the areas of Microsoft 365 before you spend any money. You then choose which parts of it, work for you and then we perform a readiness assessment on your present systems. We will then implement the solutions and train your users on all the applications, using our 365 Cloud Academy.
  2. A second option is to perform the readiness assessment and perform selected tasks in the project migration, working hand in glove with your in-house technical team (if you have one) to roll out Microsoft 365 to all your users.

You’re in Safe Hands with TechQuarters

One particular reason you know you are safe with us, is because of our Founder & CEO Chris Dunning’s award for ‘Cloud Visionary of the Year’ at the 2019 UK Cloud Awards. The judges’ comments included these words about Chris:

“The winner this year had no less than 9 separate testimonials. These all backed up a story of cultural change, introducing and using new technologies to keep pace with this rapidly evolving market. Loads of evidence of thought leadership, mentorship and accreditations galore. The entry clearly demonstrated real benefits to their customers and what high regard they have for him.”

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Next webinar session March 3rd ’21 at 11am – ‘Running your Business from the Cloud with Microsoft Azure’ Webinar

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What will we cover?

  • What are the latest trends and services for hosting in the Cloud?
  • Virtual Working Home vs Hybrid Office
  • Securing your Company Data & Protecting Against Malware
  • Compliance in the Cloud
  • What User Training & Helpdesk Support are Available?

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