IT Support 50 to 100 Employees – Outsourced and Inhouse

Here’s a typical scenario of what might be going on in your organisation, and why you might want to consider TechQuarters for your IT Support.

IT Scenario

  1. You have an IT person who performs strategic IT and manages the support within the business.
  2. Your IT Person might be a CTO or IT Manager and they typically manage our outsourced IT Support contract delivery.
  3. The IT Person many have a junior desktop person, whom we work with on site. They may do other work in the role but are able to perform deskside assistance under our guidance. This is a nice hybrid solution.
  4. Your Finance Manager or Director manages an outsourced IT Support service contract.
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  1. We perform our unlimited IT Support service, which provides your users with a service levelled Helpdesk and callouts to your site, when support issues cannot be fixed remotely.
  2. You get a dedicated account manager who will meet with you on a frequent basis. They will discuss:
    • Frequent updates to your 3-year IT Strategy Roadmap
    • Present new technology recommendations
    • Discuss call reports and the service performance KPI’s
  3. As your site increase in user base, we will discuss ramping up the on-site presence with you to provide an engineer at your location for half days on specific days during the week. This increases to full time personal, as you require it with the demand on support.
  4. A second option is for us to provide some 1st line helpdesk services and callouts whilst working with you on-site teams, to create a Hybrid support service that meets budgetary needs.

You're in Safe Hands with TechQuarters

One particular reason you know you are safe with us, is because of our Founder & CEO Chris Dunning's award for 'Cloud Visionary of the Year' at the 2019 UK Cloud Awards. The judges' comments included these words about Chris:

"The winner this year had no less than 9 separate testimonials. These all backed up a story of cultural change, introducing and using new technologies to keep pace with this rapidly evolving market. Loads of evidence of thought leadership, mentorship and accreditations galore. The entry clearly demonstrated real benefits to their customers and what high regard they have for him."

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