Enhancing IT Security

A fairly usual situation is where you have some IT security in place, but aren’t sure if it is enough to completely protect your systems and network. The following are common scenarios


  1. You’re a Director or owner of your organisation and you are concerned that your staff may be clicking on bad links or virus attachments.
  2. You have anti-virus in your organisation but you want better security to protect against being hacked
  3. Your staff are frequently on the move externally and if any of their mobile devices get lost or stolen, you want to encrypt the data from getting into the wrong hands.
  4. You’re an IT Manager or CTO and you want some software to manage and secure all data on any user mobile devices, laptops/phones etc.
  5. You want to protect your data from leaking out of your organisation and secure it for GDPR purposes.
  6. You want your email washed before it arrives to your users, so it is cleansed from malware.


TechQuarters will implement Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and security onto all your desktops and devices, which will:

  1. Implement strong password security and data loss prevention company policies.
  2. Cleanse all email from malware.
  3. Implement enterprise grade anti-virus.
  4. Enforce conditional access for users, to ensure they are in your organisation.
  5. Automatically protect and encrypt sensitive data when being sent outside of your organisation.
  6. Provide one central dashboard for management.

It will also

  1. Enable management of windows updates.
  2. Allow automatic setup of new users.

You’re in Safe Hands with TechQuarters

One particular reason you know you are safe with us, is because of our Founder & CEO Chris Dunning’s award for ‘Cloud Visionary of the Year’ at the 2019 UK Cloud Awards. The judges’ comments included these words about Chris:

“The winner this year had no less than 9 separate testimonials. These all backed up a story of cultural change, introducing and using new technologies to keep pace with this rapidly evolving market. Loads of evidence of thought leadership, mentorship and accreditations galore. The entry clearly demonstrated real benefits to their customers and what high regard they have for him.”

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What will we cover?

  • What are the latest trends and services for hosting in the Cloud?
  • Virtual Working Home vs Hybrid Office
  • Securing your Company Data & Protecting Against Malware
  • Compliance in the Cloud
  • What User Training & Helpdesk Support are Available?

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