Soho is a very famous location in London, it’s been one of the main entertainment districts in the capital since the 19th century. The area contains many creative companies from design to production and has a great buzz. However, we know that the creative industry can really rely on their tech so they can work efficiently and create amazing work. In this post, we’ll go through a few things we’ve discovered creative companies should think about when it comes to outsourcing their IT, based on our experience being an IT Support company in Soho.

24/7 IT Support company in Soho

Are you a night owl or don’t work a typical 9-5 job in the creative industry? We know creators stay up late to work on their craft and the last thing you need is your computer crashing when exporting a media file, right? Super frustrating. You may want to consider 24/7 support so you can call at any time. We make sure to get working on the technical issue straight away, which means that you can get back to that creative flow and meet that tight deadline.

A lot of creative company’s work are project-based and it’s extremely disruptive when your computer is having a meltdown. We ensure that you will suffer minimal downtime with our IT Support. We have engineers who deal with low and high priority cases which helps the flow of our service, so you’re never left hanging around. You can call us anytime, even during lunch and at 3 AM – we are night owls too! So, when you’re looking for an IT Support company in Soho, you need to make sure they have a 24/7 service and a team of experienced and helpful engineers who can deliver and meet your technical needs.

Proactive IT Support company in Soho

Why do you need pro-active IT Support? To prevent technical issues from happening before you even know they are happening! It can be a great benefit to your business, we monitor your systems and setup 24/7 so that if we see something is behaving differently, we investigate and fix any potential issues – without you even realising it could have been an issue.
This can prevent a bigger technical disaster from occurring as the issue would be dealt with straight away. Many times, at our regular Account Management meetings, our customers are shocked as to how many technical issues we solved without them knowing about it – but that’s just the service we offer!

Tech Recommendations

We are born in the cloud partner, so we know all about flexible working, digital transformation and so on. We can make recommendations that will meet your technology needs, as well as your working life, needs e.g. travelling abroad or working in an office and from home.

We can even create a 3-year roadmap and act as your Virtual CTO – so you don’t have to think about what IT you need next!
Our cloud experts not only recommend the products, but they are using it too, so they know what they are talking about. They know the benefits of all product sets; our cloud consultants have worked with creative companies before and understand what each business needs to be more productive and efficient.

Local IT Support

We have an office on Greek Street in Soho, in Vauxhall and London Bridge – which means we find it easy to get to you. It’s also great because you get to have regular meetings with our Account Managers to see what other technical services would benefit your business and understand what new tech that is out there. It’s also great for our team to see your offices, so they understand your infrastructure and what processes you have in place so we can offer the best service to you.
If you’re looking for an IT Support company, we always recommend that you go local to you because in any technical emergency you want your engineers close by to fix the issue. We are already working with companies nearby and can we find our customers appreciate how close we are.

Do other providers meet your storage needs?

We know being in the creative industry, you are constantly creating content and that you are probably making 1000 versions of the same documents. It can often become manic when you have so many files, especially when you’re running out of data and backup space. We always recommend our users to have Microsoft Azure because not only do we offer the scalable storage solution, but we have Azure support to go along with, so you don’t have to worry future technical issues.
We have a disaster story that you may be familiar with when the Toy Story film almost got deleted twice! They were able to retrieve the movie the first time as they had a copy their files (as luck would have it, someone had them home as they were on maternity leave but it was not an official backup!) however the second time, the files were deleted entirely, and they had to re-make the movie in 9 months. We can ensure that your content, files and applications are stored in the cloud and that our IT team have the skills to retrieve deleted or corrupted files.

Choose an IT Support Company in Soho that meets your business needs!

We are unique compared to other service providers because we offer an end to end solution and understand your creative business’ specific needs. Our business is full of creators and technology experts who understand exactly what you require and have worked with similar companies so we understand the pressures you may face. If you’re looking to speak to one of our expert cloud consultants, our contact details are below or fill out the form with all your details and we will get back to you asap.

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