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Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support including Full Service Support packages, Remote IT Support and Outsourced IT Manager Support

Why choose our Managed IT Service over others? Well, are you tired of calling a help desk where no one picks up the phone? Or perhaps the best you get is a call back from a junior engineer at the end of the day? Or are you frustrated with an Outsourced IT Support bill that seems to be different every month?

These issues are why we developed our flagship Outsourced IT Support services. We focus on giving you reliable fix times and SLA’s, continuity of engineers, proactive 24/7 monitoring, call outs included and regular advice on new and emerging technologies to keep your business one step ahead of your competition – all for a fixed monthly fee.

Are you a business owner in London? Have a look at our London IT Support services for small (5-50 employees), medium (50-100 employees) and large businesses (100-250 employees).

What Outsourced IT Support do we offer?

    • Unlimited calls to our UK help desk

    • Unlimited call-outs to your sites

    • 24/7 proactive server monitoring

    • Network  monitoring

    • Dedicated Account Manager

    • Service reports

    • New technology advice

    • Office 365 Training Bot

    • Ad-hoc project services as preferential rates

    • All for a fixed monthly fee


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Other IT Support options

We do also offer a 24/7 Outsourced IT Support option which extends calls to anytime of the day, as well get in touch at the form for more information.

Perhaps you have an inhouse IT Manager and are just looking for some bounce out or backup support for your technical team? We also offer Outsourced IT Manager Support as well.

And if these packages are not quite what you’re looking for, have a look at our Office 365 Support and Remote IT Support options as well. 

TechQuarters are not your typical Outsourced IT Support Helpdesk

It’s simply a fact of life that IT systems (both software and hardware) don’t always work in exactly the way people expect to begin with.

With TechQuarters, we monitor your IT services and so we’ll often identify and resolve many issues before you even become aware of them about them, and well before they have become a problem. However, if an IT issue does arise that adversely affects your services, it’s vital that you have a quick and efficient way of getting the problem fixed as soon as possible.

At TechQuarters, when you call our IT Helpdesk you won’t speak to a voicemail system or a ‘call logger’, you’ll speak directly to our managed IT services team. Within our helpdesk team, we have smaller teams managed by a Support Manager who ensure calls are are being answered quickly, customers are updated and the queue is being managed.

You’ll talk to a dedicated first line engineer who can quickly diagnose the issue and, where possible, resolve it without the need to escalate it to a senior member of staff. However, if this is needed we have a well organised support team structure that helps ensure the right specialist gets brought onto certain issues if need be.

We always emphasise great customer service over and above IT jargon (or ‘geek-speak’ as it’s sometimes called). When we are hiring IT Support Engineers we look for people who are knowledgeable, experienced, personable and professional. We know from our customers that this makes our IT Support Engineers much more approachable and helps them and their staff to develop solid relationships and trust with our helpdesk team.


IT Helpdesk comparison

Typical IT Helpdesk

  • Calls answered by a ‘call loggers’
  • Often need to escalate calls
  • May use a lot of ‘techno jargon’
  • You may need to repeat the problem to other support staff
  • Long response times

TechQuarters IT Helpdesk

  • All calls answered by engineers
  • Knowledgeable and helpful from the start
  • Friendly, experienced and relatable
  • Technical helpdesk staff can own the problem through to resolution
  • Rapid solutions

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What else makes TechQuarters a great choice for your Outsourced Business IT Support?

There are lots of other companies offering Outsourced IT Support. Here’s a few reasons why we think you’ll enjoy a partnership with us:

Fast and proficient response

Our engineers are targeted on both fixing your issues in a timely fashion and remembering customer service. Our typical fix rates are 60% of calls handled in 30 minutes and 76% in less than 24 hours, but our main rewards and targets are based around ensuring the client is happy – so you won’t be rushed off the phone or have a ticket closed before you’re truly satisfied with the result.

Customer service

We are easy to work with and flexible, always dealing with your IT challenges in a composed and responsive way. With an average 96.3% retention of clients year on year, we pride ourselves on our customer service

Proactive IT advice

As a client you’ll receive regular monthly strategic IT reviews and recommendations. We pride ourselves on being one of the top IT Companies in London, at the forefront of new technologies and guiding our customers through the various options. With TechQuarters you’ll never feel left behind when it comes to your IT.

Web Based Support System

TechQuarters use a web based support system for logging and tracking calls which not only means there is an ongoing record of your issue in case it gets passed to a more senior engineer, but we can also create great reports on performance for our Account Manager meetings and calls as well.

Support and training for your staff

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we implement their new cloud technology for clients, such as Office 365 and Microsoft 365 business, after trialling and deciding it is right for them. More importantly we have developed a video training solution with 1,000’s of 15 second videos on how to use all the Microsoft applications, so your users know what they are doing in the new system. We think this is one of the things that makes us unique, as we don’t just migrate you and leave you to it – we help you get a real return on the investment through proper training.

Engineer Communication

At TechQuarters, we understand the importance of engineer communication when it comes to your staff feeling comfortable. We hire engineers and helpdesk staff that won’t just talk to you and your users in technical language that you don’t understand, but will explain what they are doing as they fix your issue so you’re in the loop.