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Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop for Security

Are you concerned about the security of those employees working remotely? Do you want guarantees that your company data is protected and industry compliant?

At TechQuarters, we have developed an award-winning Windows Virtual Desktop for Security Solution to combat all your security concerns. Our technicians understand the intricacies of a reliable and secure virtual desktop software and are able to help setup the perfect solution for your business. Our IT Support services in London are ideal for anyone looking to boost their security.

What is included with Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • A full Windows 10 user experience + applications
  • A unified desktop across your organisation
  • Rapid migration from RDS to WVD
  • Hosted infrastructure in Microsoft Azure
  • Easy user access via the WVD Remote Desktop client
  • Full control over company data
Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop for Security

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Data security and compliance can become a point of risk with a remote or hybrid workforce. As a business, you need to be 100% sure that your users aren’t taking risks, for example, by using a personal device to access company data – you can never be completely sure that a personal device hasn’t somehow contracted a virus, or other malicious software, that could be passed onto the company network.

With Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), you are guaranteed a secure working environment for all of your users. The way it works is that users can remotely access a full Windows 10 desktop experience, complete with applications, data, and configured settings. However, this desktop is not hosted on their local device. Instead, it is hosted in Microsoft Azure, within one of Microsoft’s data centres. This cloud environment has maximum security built into it, and the desktop environment that your users access is entirely segregated from the local device.

Traditionally, remote users would likely be using a personal device to access work resources. Mixing work and personal data on the same device is risky as users may be less vigilant about safe browsing practices when they are using the device for personal errands. If they contract malicious software, it could end up jumping onto the company network. However, with Windows Virtual Desktop, none of the infrastructure for WVD is hosted on the personal device, therefore, there is no way for viruses or malware to find an access point into the company network.

Why should you use Windows Virtual Desktop for Security?

Windows Virtual Desktop has a range of security controls built into it. For example, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access – this means that even if a malicious user has physical access to your device, it is unlikely they will be able to access the WVD environment.

If you acquire your Windows Virtual Desktop license through us, we can help you setting up secure policies in Azure that restrict data from leaving the environment, or any data being uploaded to the environment from non-approved sources. We can even route all network traffic through the Azure Firewall service for extra security. Many businesses require high-grade security – if you operate in the financial or law industry, this would be important. Having a partner who can provide you with IT Support law firms trust can go a long way, you want to know your IT Support Partner knows what they are doing.


Why Does My Business Need IT Support?

Ensuring Business Continuity: IT support is critical to ensuring that a business can continue to operate effectively, even when technical issues arise. A good IT support team can quickly diagnose and resolve issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the business can continue to function.

Maximizing Efficiency: A well-supported IT infrastructure can help businesses operate more efficiently by automating processes, streamlining workflows, and providing employees with the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Having an IT Partner like us, who double as a Sharepoint Provider and can help with all your Microsoft needs will ensure maximum efficiency.

Ensuring Data Security: IT support teams are responsible for maintaining the security of a business’s data and IT infrastructure. This includes implementing security protocols and measures, monitoring for threats and vulnerabilities, and taking action to prevent data breaches and cyber attacks.