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Upgrade Remote Desktop Server to Windows Virtual Desktop

Are you still using the outdated and older Remote Desktop Server from Windows? Do you wish that your teams could access a better Virtual desktop service for your business?

At TechQuarters, we only recommend Windows Virtual Desktop as the answer to these kinds of concerns. If you’re looking to move your Remote Desktop Server to a more reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution, Windows Virtual Desktop is your best option. Let us help you make the move. 


What is included with Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • A full Windows 10 user experience + applications
  • A unified desktop across your organisation
  • Rapid migration from RDS to WVD
  • Hosted infrastructure in Microsoft Azure
  • Easy user access via the WVD Remote Desktop client
  • Full control over company data
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Windows Virtual Desktop is the main remote desktop service provided by Microsoft. With WVD users can access the familiar Windows desktop experience. The difference is, no lengthy installations of any kind are needed to use Windows Virtual Desktop. By harnessing the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, Windows Virtual Desktop can deliver the full desktop experience to any device, from any location.

Your business may have been using Remote Desktop Server, which not only required a dedicated physical server, but several different dedicated software programs to help deliver the experience. Plus, every individual that wanted to use a remote desktop required a separate Office 365 license. Remote Desktop Server was a complicated solution, and expensive to scale.

On the other hand, Windows Virtual Desktop is hosted entirely in the Cloud – which means no physical servers are needed. Moreover, Windows Virtual Desktop is the only multi-session Windows 10 experience. What this means is that multiple individuals can use the same Virtual Machine, meaning you will get a lot more out of a single Office 365 or Microsoft 365 license.

Windows Virtual Desktop is aimed at businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to medium-sized businesses, distributed enterprises, and all the way up to larger corporate organisations.

Why should you upgrade to Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a modern, cloud-based solution that provides users with a full desktop experience, complete with configurable settings and applications.

WVD is much quicker to implement than older forms of virtual desktop infrastructure. Moreover, once the infrastructure is set up, onboarding users is quick, and scaling your infrastructure becomes very easy. It offers excellent security for users, especially remote workers. This is because when using WVD on a personal device, all company data, the operating system and applications remains segregated from the local device, and the local network.

Moreover, it is highly scalable, saving you money, and future proof – WVD works across all available platforms (PC, macs, mobile devices, etc.), and it’s based entirely in the Microsoft Cloud which receives ongoing updates, so you’ll never need to make costly investments.