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Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Instead of Citrix

Are you worried that Citrix isn’t the right fit for your company anymore? Have you been looking into moving to Windows Virtual Desktop?

At TechQuarters, we have developed a trusted Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Service that ensure your business is always on the right track. Our technicians are well-trained in managing seamless migrations to the WVD system as well as providing top-notch support in case any issues or queries pop up when users are accessing the portal.

​What’s included in the MS WVD Service:

  • Initial fast migration project from existing to WVD
  • Hosted organisation infrastructure on Azure
  • User access via WVD portal
  • Full desktop, Microsoft 365 and applications within portal
  • Full control of your company data
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Proactive New Technology Advice & Recommendations
  • Remote New User Setup
  • Service Reporting
Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Instead of Citrix

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If you’re asking yourself these questions – we know what the answer is and that is Windows Virtual Desktop is almost always the ideal solution. It is easily accessible and incredibly affordable hosted desktop solution for any business. It allows your teams to have direct access to Windows 10, Microsoft 365, as well as many other applications on the Azure platform.

This allows your employees to basically work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device that can access a web browser. Because so many of us have had to move to either remote or hybrid working models during the past year or two, we understand how important it is for you to have access to the applications you work with while on the go.

This makes Windows Virtual Desktop a perfect solution for organisations that have an international or globally located workforce – when using WVD, each employee will have a standard desktop for all users – without having to ship devices around the world. No matter your size of business or what kind of work you do, the options are completely scalable and can be tweaked to suit exactly what your business may or may not need.

There are many benefits to using WVD on the Azure Platform, a few of the ones we would highlight in particular are the incredibly robust security Windows Virtual Desktop offers – which is usually one of the most worrying factors when using a virtual desktop system. Because WVD is hosted on a separating OS and hardware to your employee’s devices, you do not need to worry about unsafe home devices uploading corrupt data into your system, or people having access to company data on shared devices.

Why Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Service is a good fit:

If you’ve been thinking of moving to the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Service, we would love to have a chat to show you how it could benefit your current setup. We are a Tier-1 Gold Microsoft Partner and have assisted many moves to this new way of working – our clients are loving it and find that their overall efficiency and collaborative working styles have improved greatly! 

Implementation is quick and the solutions available are completely scalable to your business and what it might require for your teams to work in the most efficient and secure ways. Security is a key concern for any organization, and WVD provides a number of security advantages over physical desktops. Even if you need location-specific support, like IT Support for Pharmaceutical Companies as an example, WVD desktops are stored in a central location and can be easily backed up and restored. In addition, VDI allows organizations to implement security policies such as two-factor authentication and application whitelisting.


Additional benefits of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop:


As WVD separates operating systems, data, and apps from local hardware – the machine someone is works on doesn’t really matter. This means there are no worries about unsafe home devices uploading corrupt data into your system, or people having access to company data on shared devices.

Fast Implementation

WVD is super-fast to implement compared to old style virtualised environments that used to take weeks. A great example is taking a company of 50 with 4 servers. This should take about 4-5 days to be implemented as once the servers are setup, you just added to users onto the infrastructure. We can provide a unique IT Support for Small Business Solution that will ensure fast implementation and a quick turnaround time too. 

Scalable Solution

Windows Virtual Desktop permits for quick onboarding and offboarding of employees, so is perfect for organisations that scale their workers regularly or have regularly rotating workforce. It also allows for quick growth, without the need for big hardware or server investments.

Cost Effective

It also reduces the need to upgrade hardware and servers every time they become out of date, slow or you need more capacity. Flexibility is another key advantage of VDI. With VDI, organizations can provide users with access to their desktops and applications from any device, anywhere. This allows organizations to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and provides users with the flexibility to work from any location. At TechQuarters, our team can provide yours with an Office 356 Consulting Services that will ensure yoru entire Microsoft setup is working for you. 

Future Proof

As Windows Virtual Desktop is available across so many different devices, all they need it Windows 10 or Mac OS X, you’re able to invest in whatever devices best suit your business. It also easily scalable for quick growth and allows people to work from anywhere with internet.