IT Services for the Insurance Sector

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IT Services for the insurance sector need to meet a very a specific set of industry requirements. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, TechQuarters not only have access to the latest and greatest MS products when it comes to flexible working, security, compliance and cloud storage – but  we also have extensive experience working within the insurance sector so understand its specialist needs.

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Digital Insurance Transformation

Digital Transformation is about creating an IT infrastructure that allows staff and customers to flexibly and securely interact with your business in an increasingly digital-first world.

TechQuarters has specifically designed a solution that works with the unique needs of the insurance sector – such as handling a lot of customers personal identifiable information, giving insurers the flexibility to increase and reduce cloud storage during peak times and meet customer demands for low cost, personalised services with consistent and instant communication – by reducing annual IT spend on the latest software and setup.

We also include support and end user training in this solution to ensure you have the knowledge to use your setup effectively, safe in the knowledge we are supporting you as well.

Microsoft Azure Data Centre

Microsoft Azure can be especially beneficial to the insurance sector as it tackles issues that are unique to the industry – such as handling large amounts of customer personal data, being accessible on the go and being able to hosts specialist software’s like Sapiens, Prima Insure and Acturis.

TechQuarters 6 step solution, Azure Evolve as seen on the left, can help any insurance business to grow, maintain business continuity and meet compliance needs. We will work with you throughout this process, from the on-boarding process and implementation phase all the way through to training and Account Management reviews.

Security and Compliance

TechQuarters has several solutions that deal with different aspects of cyber security – from mobile device management and multi factor authentication to GDPR and compliance regulations. Check out some of the services and software’s we regularly recommend to the insurance sector.

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) bundles together Microsoft’s best mobile device management software’s to protect your company data on mobile devices. It allow for selective and full remote wiping of data if the device is stolen or lost as well as protects against viruses and malware across your organisation. An essential for insurers with company devices and roving workers.

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Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

With Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), TechQuarters will implement the latest firewall technology at your site to protect against malware and hackers.

It includes automatic updates to the security protection software, support and replacement of hardware when it breaks.

And instead of paying up front, the service is charged per month, so there are no upfront hardware costs.

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Cyber Security

In this day and age it is vital to ensure your network is as secure as possible. TechQuarters are UK Government Cyber Essentials accredited and have a key focus on all our clients having the right policies and security standards in place to protect against attacks.

Our Cyber Security Assessment highlights your Cyber Risks, the Gap Analysis (legal risk) and Business critical security issues that need actioning.

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