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GDPR Policy and Protection

GDPR Policy and Protection 

Are you concerned about your company’s GDPR compliance obligations? Does your business require you to work with personal identifiable information? Are you keen to update your data protection with new technology?

At TechQuarters, we provide GDPR services and technology recommendations specific to data protection and compliance. Whether you’re in retail or hospitality, financial services, or even healthcare, our service can get your GDPR compliance up to shape with the right policies and protection.

Our GDPR Policy and Protection Services Include:

  • Four Phased Approach:
  • Discover – compiling a report on endpoint data
  • Manage – Assign a GDPR compliance consultant
  • Protect – Implement technology for GDPR standards
  • Report – Establish ongoing reporting

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Most organisations will need, or benefit from, guidance on GDPR policy and protection. The General Data Protection Regulation requires businesses to maintain a minimum level of security for personal data, especially that of their customers. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in severe penalisation. Here at TechQuarters, we can help you to implement the necessary processes and technology solutions to get your GDPR compliance in the right shape.

Our GDPR services work in a phased approach. To start with, we will perform an audit of your current network and IT infrastructure; this involves temporarily installing software on your network to identify Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in all its locations. This way, we can produce a comprehensive report on the amount of PII your organisation has, where it is stored, and which information can be classed as compliant with current regulations.

The next stage is where, together, we compose a strategy on what to do with your data. This may involve migrating it to a centralised storage such as SharePoint or Azure, meta-tagging it, and indexing it for better organisation and searching in the future. You will be assigned a GDPR consultant to train your internal staff on any new processes or technology that is being implemented as part of your new GDPR strategy.

How can TechQuarters help with GDPR Policy and Protection?

Here at TechQuarters, we understand the importance of compliance and data security. Compliance is intertwined with security, and we come highly trusted in the realm of IT security – we are ISO 27001 accredited, as well as being certified to help our customers receive their Cyber Essentials accreditation (the UK standard for business IT security.)

The Financial Services sector is one of our biggest customer sectors, and every business in this sector is bound by strict data compliance regulations. Due to our experience with this sector, we are very well placed to assist businesses of any sector with getting the GDPR and compliance up to scratch. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to submit an inquiry.

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