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Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Are you concerned about advanced cyber threats targeting your organisation? Have you been a victim of cyber-attacks in the past? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to mitigate the risk before its too late.

Here at TechQuarters, we can provide customers with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. If you are using Windows 10 and the Microsoft 365 infrastructure, this will give you excellent analytics, antivirus, and threat response capabilities.

Defender supports your IT infrastructure:

  • Provides Post-breach solutions
  • Searches for attacks that have passed every level of protection
  • Implements penetration testing
  • Utilizes threat intelligence feeds

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Windows Defender ATP is a unified security platform for Windows users. It includes a wide array of capabilities, such as antivirus, hardware-based isolation, and more. Windows Defender ATP’s main goal is threat detection, analytics, and automated responses in order to identify potential breaches before they happen, and also to be able to resolve breaches that do happen as quickly as possible.

The service works in three layers – firstly, it works to prevent fileless and file based attacks, host intrusions, and attempts at controlling applications. All of this is achieved through Microsoft’s next-generation antimalware technology. It will also detect threats by monitoring the behaviour of your network and endpoints.

Defender harnesses machine learning and security analytics to detects attacks across all endpoints. Finally, Defender uses AI to respond to alerts. It can identify threat levels and respond to them automatically to mediate the risk.

Defender is an excellent platform, as it gives your IT team time, firstly through automating everyday security tasks, and providing some of the legwork when investigating the more severe issues.

If you’re infrastructure is based on Microsoft 365, you will find no better solution for threat prevention, detection, and response.

How can TechQuarters help with Windows Defender ATP?

TechQuarters are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Our own security infrastructure incorporates Windows Defender ATP – along with Microsoft’s other security products and services. So, we’re not only experienced with provisioning the programs; we also have years of expertise from using the service ourselves. We are very well placed to configuration Windows Defender ATP for your organisation

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, which means we have demonstrated a quality of service that lives up to Microsoft’s own standards. We are one of the most trusted Microsoft partners in the country. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, do not hesitate to submit an enquiry.