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Welcome to Windows 365 – Your Cloud PC

About this event: 

Are you a small- to medium-sized business owner looking for a better solution for an online, cloud service experience? 
Does your business and its clients require your data to be stored in a certain place? Somewhere your clients know their data is being saved correctly, securely, and in the cloud? Does your business have location-specific needs to be adhered to in terms of your data?

Are you a projects company, a small consulting firm, a finance and security business, or maybe you work advising local governments? Because of the information you deal with, handling it needs to be done properly. In most cases, the data you’re working with needs to be saved in the county you reside in. With the rise of global workspaces, and hybrid working across countries and cities – it might be of interest to hear more about Windows 365.

Join us for a quick 20-minute, interactive webinar at the end of this month and we’ll take you through some of the most important things to know.

    WEBINAR AGENDA – 11-11.20 am UK Time  

    • Intro to Windows 365 & Benefits
    • Moving to a cloud-based PC system
    • How Windows 365 can help you
    • Integrating Windows 356 into your current setup
    • Q&A

    Windows 365 is a cloud service that delivers a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11, streaming your personalized apps, settings, and content from the Microsoft cloud to any device – Welcome to your Windows 365 Cloud PC. Windows 365 simplifies procurement, deployment, management, and updates.

    Key highlights of Windows 365 to consider:

    • Always ready and updated.
    • Streamed across devices.
    • Personal and familiar.
    • Scalable and resilient.
    • Predictable costs.
    • Simple to buy, deploy, and manage.



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