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Have you invested in Microsoft 365, but are concerned your users aren’t adopting the new technology and giving you good return on investment?

If you’ve already made the move to Microsoft 365, we probably don’t have to convince you of the productivity benefits again – but of course this only works if staff are embracing the new technology and haven’t just gone back to working in their old ways. You could invest more money in a classroom session, but not only will your users probably only remember 25% of it – it doesn’t quite match up to your new, modern setup.

With our cost-effective e-learning, you can train up your users and prove the ROI of your Office 365 implementation. Our modern web app contains thousands of 15 second videos that show users how to use all the products in Office 365 in the most efficient way.

Each product has a playlist dedicated to the top tips for that workload, so you know all users are getting a uniform and high-level overview. Plus, user can go back and re-watch videos as many times as they like, training is ongoing whenever they need it – not just in a onetime session.

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365 Cloud Academy Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to the web app
  • Branded site with your company logo
  • Same sign on with your Office 365 account
  • Web app contain:
    • 1000’s of Hints & Tips, 10-15 second ‘How to’ videos on Office 365
    • Recommended ‘Top Tip’ playlists for each product
    • Playlists around Accessibility features for inclusive training
  • Top user dashboards with number of videos watched, rankings and badges for watching certain amounts of content
  • Top video dashboard for most watched videos and view counts
  • Feedback button for requesting content

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What will we cover?

  • What are the latest trends and services for hosting in the Cloud?
  • Virtual Working Home vs Hybrid Office
  • Securing your Company Data & Protecting Against Malware
  • Compliance in the Cloud
  • What User Training & Helpdesk Support are Available?

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