Optimizing Azure

Service Summary

Cloud Hosting has become the norm with many organisations using more than one form of Cloud Hosting, from apps to user credential security to file storage.

If you are using Microsoft Azure for hosting or even thinking about it, perhaps one thing you are considering is how to make sure you only pay for what you really need? As Azure services run in the cloud, they use power and IT resource, in so doing, this translates to your bill at the end of each month.

At TechQuarters we have designed a service to audit and explore your subscription, which then optimizes the usage of your Azure hosting services, so that your eventual bill is lean and healthy, without any overspend.

What can we do?

Because we have been setting up and monitoring Azure Cloud Hosting for what seems like an eternity, we have learnt a lot along the way when it comes to tuning the usage, so our customers don’t over spend on their Azure subscription.

A typical example of this might be the implementation of technical scripts on hosted Cloud Servers that are tuned in line with your business opening times. This means we can power down the hosting outside of your core hours to a point that only the required access prevails, which means you save money.

We have found many customers considerations with the Cloud are not necessarily worries around moving there, but more being able to have an IT Partner who has extensive experience on tuning the services to meet their needs. Our Tier 1 Azure technical architects do just that and love getting to grips with saving you money.

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The Benefits of Optimizing Azure

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Flexible Solution

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Cost Effective

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Advanced Security

How does it work?

Microsoft Azure is the brand name for their data centre services, that span the globe. There are 600+ services that an organisation can choose from but commonly Cloud Hosting, such as file storage, backup, cloud servers, network security or business application hosting are frequently used.

It takes a little bit of setting up in the Cloud but once your service is there, it remains on until you turn it off. This is all digital though and controlled from a dashboard in a web browser, so you won’t be expected to go to a data centre and press buttons on boxes to get them going.

That is the true benefit of the Cloud Hosting, because it is flexible and fast, not to mention charged on a monthly usage basis, so you don’t have massive up-front costs.

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